What does your relationship with money currently look like?

All force and no flow? Hoarding every penny? Feeling guilty for charging? Stressing out about receiving enough clients? Trading joy for dollars? 

You might find yourself just simply asking, “how do I make more money?”

Well, the answer is also simple.

Looking out my window today, seeing nothing but gray clouds looming over typically sunny Los Angeles, fashioned a powerful “a-ha” connection within me about the mindsets we form when it comes to making and receiving money.  Just because I cannot see the sun on this cloudy day, does not mean it is not there or accessible to me.  

Similar to money.  

There is enough money out there for you. There are enough clients to invest in your programs, even when you can’t directly see it.  It all comes down to your beliefs and energy around the ability to receive.

I am going to share with you four of the biggest mistakes I see women make when it comes to manifesting money and how to stop them from holding you back.

1. They block their own opportunities. When you think of money from a place of fear, it becomes challenging to see the many opportunities that are available to you.  Instead, you become fixated on one source or one opportunity, that the pressure you create to make just the one way happen, keeps the outcome from flowing to you.  In the meantime, many other opportunities to make money can be sliding by right in front of your very own eyes without your recognition.  To have the unlimited potential to receive abundance, it is essential that you stay open to manifest money from a place of love, not fear.  Always think to yourself “how can I serve today?” When you work from a place of serving as opposed to just earning, you can then have both.  Taking away resistive, overbearing pressure allows the energetic currency to keep flowing in your direction.

2. Waiting to take action. Ever notice that when a disruptor comes into your normal routine then you are able to take action and find alternative resources? Sometimes those fabulous resources were in your presence the whole time, but you never thought to use them because you didn’t necessarily need them.  Encourage yourself to find hidden (or maybe not so hidden) resources around you and see how you can utilize them today.  The faucet doesn’t need to be turned off on your regular routine in order for you to take alternate action, take it now!

3. Shame in receiving. One thing I have come to notice throughout my own journey as a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, as well as in the journeys of my clients, is the stigma around accepting and receiving money.  Women create all sorts of stories revolving around shame and guilt when it comes to receiving and then wonder why their bank accounts are looking anything but glamorous. I want to remind you that receiving money is a spiritual act.  It’s a gift from the Universe, rewarding you for living out your divine calling and showing up to serve others.  You deserve to receive wealth for living out your spiritually-given gifts.  Even more so, money can serve as a deeper healing process when you see where and how it has found its way to you.

4. “I’ll figure it out on my own.” Of all the biggest mistakes to make, this one has to be the most detrimental.  The idea that we have to do everything on our own only promotes burden and pressure when it comes to our businesses and calling in our ideal clients.  Every successful person has a mentor of some sort.  No one does it alone.  Investing in yourself so that you can learn more and be more, is one of the most beautiful acts of self-love that you could possibly show yourself.  Investing is all part of the process, assisting you in taking action, creating, and designing the life of your dreams.

Wherever you are right now in your own entrepreneurial journey, I want you to take a minute to envision what has provided you with the most success so far, and what areas you can do better in. Think about who you are serving, the messages they need to hear, and the examples they need to see you set. Results will come when you choose to release the struggle and embrace the ease!