Photo by Trent Erwin on Unsplash

This isn’t a rags to riches story, although admittedly it would be nice. Eleven years ago, I lost a high-end job in the industry and having to find something to keep my mind off of chaos, ease stress and have something to put my energy into, I decided one day while sitting at a coffee shop to create a blog. Writing has always been my escape, a way to create a world where I could write whatever ending I wanted. Little did I know that I was building a pathway to a new life.

When I first started BellevueGrl back in 2009, it was to support local business and local fashion. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful business owners, local designers, makeup artists, and entertainment personalities. I have bonded with so many people, and I am so very honored to call them my friends.

I’ve photographed hundreds of shows, attended front row fashion events, met some of our wonderful (now ex) Seahawk players, and dined on some of the best fare from all over the city.

BellevueGrl started branching out to go beyond just the local city and Seattle. It soon incorporated designers from Project Runway, personalities from Sally Beauty, friends from LA. I started writing for a few online publications, became a brand ambassador, did some visual merchandising, and immersed myself in the field of fashion completely, once again.

I most recently became a fashion and lifestyle writer for a digital magazine in Beverly Hills, and attended LAFW where I was able to go backstage and capture all of the behind the scenes action, watch models rehearse for shows, be able to watch hair and makeup teams work their magic, I met with emerging designers that were of global outreach, and so BellevueGrl evolved once again. At the suggestion of a very dear, close friend, I started writing different genres and eventually became the author of four indie books, the pandemic hit, lockdowns began, travel was restricted, life changed once more, and so, I began writing and contributing here. I had a very difficult time hitting the send button on my first post. Even as a seasoned writer, I felt somehow inadequate alongside those with “Dr” or “Ph.D.” in their name. I’m just a gal eating burritos for lunch while they are eating caviar (on toast, no less), while I may be sitting on the patio with a glass of rosé and watching the sunset, they are 37,000 feet in first-class watching the clouds roll by. I’m a working girl who juggles words, photography, and social media, then comes home to feed the cat and herself, then settle down to her hobby of writing on the side. Super glamorous, right?

Truth be told, I am still intimidated about the big leagues, even though I’ve written for over ten years, covered front row fashion, and lived to tell about it, I find myself stumbling. I’m still figuring out a way to make words flow when it really counts. Stage fright? maybe, to this day I want my words to mean something. I’ve joined a few writer groups while staying in New Mexico during these times, discovered fellow creatives who are also passionate about writing. I took a talent and made it a career. I want to do mentoring and some inspirational speaking. Because someone loved me and saw the potential of what I could be, I want to help others see their potential too. I’m the author of my own happy ending.

Evolving implies change, and that’s kind of the beauty of things. When something grows, rises up from the ground to become something that can make an impact outside of its normal boundaries.

To all who are out there, never underestimate the power of your talents or voice. One article, one photograph, one painting, can make an impact on someone’s life in a moment.

You never know where that first step might lead you.