As someone who believes these words to be true, I have had the honor of getting to know someone who does an incredible job at creating that space for herself– Giovannie Espiritu.

Giovannie is a phenomenal acting coach who is focused on creating the next generation of talented actors in the entertainment industry. Her audition coaching program, Hollywood Actors Workshop, makes all the difference in how someone shows up on screen. Having her come into my Actor’s Brand Academy program, I got to see first hand how well she interacted with my students and made them think outside the box. Her knowledge of the industry is beyond her years, which makes her a powerhouse.

Create your opportunity.

In order to achieve success, one must have a clear understanding of their goals and learn to create actionable steps. “I try to visualize what I would want my life to look like so that I know what my end goal is and then, starting from the end, I try to break the steps down into bite-sized pieces. When I am utterly overwhelmed, I try to focus on the next-best step… and then once I do that, I can usually figure out the next step from there. I am the queen of the baby steps!,” Giovannie said. For anyone that is wanting to become successful in Hollywood, one must have patience and determination in order to see that reward.

Giovannie is living proof that you can create any opportunity from the ground up and still keep your head afloat. Even through hardships she was able to find ways to audition, create long lasting relationships and establish an acting school in 2008. Many of her students saw success quickly and learned how to acquire appropriate skill-sets that have set them apart from others who have auditioned for film, television and commercials.

How you impact matters.

Intentions and the way you show up matters in the industry. As a matter of fact, Giovannie has quickly made it her mission to be an advocate for social justice and women’s rights. Her heart truly shines in anything she associates herself with which has led her to be nominated for many incredible projects.

She was nominated alongside Academy Award Nominees Alfre Woodard and Amy Irving for Best Supporting Actress at MethodFest for the Mynah Films feature film Fiona’s Script. Her primetime credits include a recurring role on ER, Bones, Gilmore Girls, Trauma, and Perfect Harmony. Giovannie can currently be seen as the lead in the Amazon series, “Dyke Central,” which was featured in After Ellen, BuzzFeed, Bust Magazine and Curve Magazine as a top LGBTQ series to watch. As a filmmaker, she was featured in Elizabeth Banks’ WhoHaHa Media for her parody song, “An Introvert’s World,” and her storytelling has been featured in Ms. Magazine. Her short film, “Ultra-Feminist,” was awarded Honorable Mention at Outfest. Her second short film, “Ally 3000,” won Best Screenplay at the Culture & Diversity Film Festival (LA) and the Cyrus International Film Festival (Toronto), as well as several awards in the categories of Social Justice and Woman Filmmakers. 

It’s no doubt that Giovannie will consistently beat the odds and continue to thrive. If there’s anything that life has to offer us is that we are only limited by our own thoughts. We must make the most out of life and be the best versions of ourselves consistently.

If you want to learn more about Giovannie and her acting program make sure to visit the following:

Hollywood Actor’s Workshop

Instagram: @giospirit2