I struggle to keep plants thriving, but nonetheless opted to start a planter garden on my patio about a month into quarantine.

I envisioned having vibrant tomatoes, parsley, and jalapenos that I would enjoy fresh from harvest. No such luck, yet.

These plants have drowned, been replanted, flowered, dropped their flowers, and aggressively pruned in an attempt to salvage what little green was left. Much to my surprise, they continue growing and continue challenging me.

I’ve yet to see the fruits of all this labor, but I’ve learned a few things that serve as good reminders for everyday life.

  1. Rid yourself of what does not serve you. Sometimes you need to cut away the dead weight that’s no longer serving the plant (or you).
  2. The soil needs nutrients to help the plant grow big and strong and able to weather storms (much like your body requires love and care).
  3. Some flowers don’t survive, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more. Some of the flowers that come later may actually bear the fruit you’re looking for (don’t give up).
  4. If you trust in Mother Nature and stop hovering, you will find the plants keep growing and may even thrive when you loosen your grip (surrender).

Between the South Florida heat and my elusive green thumb, this process hasn’t been easy. But I’ve enjoyed learning new things along the way. Thank goodness the plants are pretty forgiving.

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson