As a person who walks life solo, I can say that we move differently. It took me a while to figure out what I need; what will keep me moving and not in paralysis. Life is a rollercoaster, not a smooth train — so this was important to figure out. 

To help me thrive, I pay close attention to how I spend my free time. Since I’ve started doing that, my weekends are so much better. The year of COVID-19 has allowed me to get organized — no more weekend grocery shopping for me! I am a better peer when I stay organized. 

Getting good sleep also helps me thrive. I prioritize it by creating a majorly comfy bed, fit with quality pillows, sheets, and appropriate lighting. I look forward to climbing into bed to fall asleep every night. 

Whenever I need a joy trigger, I take a ride in my SUV across town to pick up something, get flowers, or grab dinner. I just love getting out and about. I also stare at the sky more often now, because there is nothing better than the blue sky and sun here in Columbus, Ohio! Connection is also an important part of joy and well-being, and my team and I have 30-minute coffee talks on Friday afternoons. There’s no work talk! I put the time on everyone’s calendars for the rest of the year and said “make it if you can.” As a remote team, this is an opportunity to connect and check in.