The world has witnessed how a virus barely visible through the naked eyes can bring havoc. This virus differentiated between none and affected everyone, from people in power to people who could hardly afford a meal for a day. At such a harsh time, people from all over the world worked calmly in unification and somehow debilitated the effects of the virus.

The novel coronavirus affected people in every aspect. But most importantly, it exhausted them mentally without anyone’s notice, which resulted in adverse effects.

So here are some tips byPaul Haarmanto to fight the pandemic and maintain the soundness of your mind:

  1. Stay connected

Human beings though independent in every facet, cannot survive without connections and interactions with these connections. The pandemic ended all our ways of physical interactions and introduced social distancing.

So, pandemics provided us with an opportunity to connect emotionally through social media giants like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

  • Attract facts and avoid rumors

Lately, the transmission of all important news has occurred through social media. It is important to be updated about everything happening around the world. But somehow, these apps can be a major source of fake updates, which will only worsen your state of mind.

So, at this point in the hour, rely only on authentic sources.

Instead of watching the news 24×7, take time to watch something you have always wished to watch.

  • Make sure you meditate each day

This is true and proven through various surveys that meditation helps a person in various ways:

  • Reduces stress.
    • Calms body and mind.
    • Increases patience.
    • Reduces anxiety.
    • Helps in focusing on yourself.
    • Increases endurance.
    • Encourages you to concentrate on the present.

             You just have to take out time and align your body in a comfortable position and let the negativity flow out of your body

  • Enroll in activities you prefer

Pandemic has provided you with a great opportunity to enroll in all the activities you have always longed to register in. Be it cooking, knitting, photography, painting, dancing, or any short-term course you have wished to get a diploma in or in anything that is in your mind.

To maintain your physical fitness, you can learn Zumba or Aerobics.

Performing these activities will not only alleviate your stress level but will provide you with a positive approach to various tasks in your way.

So, if you follow the aforementioned points by Paul Haarman, then you will remain mentally sound even at the time of pandemics and lockdowns.


Man is a social animal and cannot survive without communication and physical contact with their friends and loved ones. So, when stringent restrictions were imposed on movement by the government in every field, this led to increased cases of anxiety and depression among people.

And at this time of adversity, technology has proven to be of great help. It has helped us connect with our loved ones and has proved that ‘though far, we are still near through a click’.

On the other hand, scientists have succeeded in developing the vaccine. So, get vaccinated to reduce the further spread of coronavirus.

Eventually, this time like all-time, shall pass, leaving only memories, some sweet and some bad. Just remember the way salt is important in your diet, in the same way, mental health is important for your life.