Feeling uneasy before a big singing performance, a presentation, or an interview with sweaty palms and an unusual feeling in the stomach is something that we’ve all been through. This feeling of anxiety is commonly experienced by almost all people before big events and has an evolutionary purpose. It is connected to our fight or flight response system and produces adrenaline and key hormones that enable us to deal with the situation. Well, Covid played a major role in distributing the anxiety to the masses.

Here are some signs for anxiety as shared by Paul Haarman-

But people who have anxiety issues experience more than just uneasiness in their stomach and sweaty palms. They struggle to cope with their lives and develop clear symptoms. You should start looking for anxiety counseling if you notice the below-mentioned signs.

Being negative

You excessively focus on things turning out negatively for you. You constantly fear what might happen and, if something terrible happens, how you’re going to deal with it. We all worry about things in our lives, but if that worry starts to literally hijack every aspect of your life, then it is a clear sign of anxiety going out of control. Continuously looking only at the negative side of anything could make you feel anxious. You may be thinking only of negative outcomes in every situation.

Not sleeping well

Sleep is crucial for smoothing the functioning of your body. But with anxiety, it can suffer immensely. You could be struggling to sleep at night due to the tasks that you have to do, which continue to run through your mind. You become obsessed with the list of things you have to complete, and this interferes with your sleep. Paul Haarman says that if you are finding it hard to complete your sleep and feeling irritated all the time, then you are facing anxiety.

 Your relationships with friends, family members, and a partner could be suffering. You may have fear over the security of a relationship and may need assurance from the other person time and again. This can cause your relationship to turn sour as you become unable to deal with them.

Appearance conscious

Some people, especially women, start to focus too much on their appearance when they are struggling with anxiety. They will overly direct their attention toward a minutest of a facial blemish before heading out. As per Paul Haarman, if you think that you are doing that, then you must seek treatment for anxiety immediately.

Many people who are dealing with anxiety unknowingly tend to keep themselves away from social situations. They do this out of the fear that others are judging them or that they might end up doing or saying things that will be criticized. Because of this, they choose to avoid events and other occasions.

 If you feel you’re going through the above-mentioned symptoms and need help with them, you can find anxiety therapy online. You can take help from the comfort of your professional and bring positive change in your life.