In the internet world, we live in our most of the entertainment stuff is generated on our mobile phones. In the stressful covid times also mobile phones came to our rescue. With trending and funny memes and challenges being forwarded in the internet community now and then, staying long hours in homes seemed small. Various psychological research showed that the humor spread in the online community in the form of memes and challenges helps the masses feel better mentally.

Research Studies On Coping Of COVID- 19 Stress By Humorous Content Spread

The whole pandemic and lockdown phase became easier to pass with the mass engagement in mobile phones. It turned out to be a stress booster in tough times. Social media engagement also increased of people. Recent social media trends studies and research showed that only three memes could turn to make a person feel happier from a stressful mental state amid the pandemic. A research surveying around 748 people in December 2020 to predict the memes influence on people’s emotions with participants of age 18-88 years came to a result that people dealing with humor and cuteness content or memes on the internet were feeling better and positive on the mental level after the consumption of the happy and cute content. Their anxiety calmed, and they felt relaxed than before. On the other hand, news and content dealing with pandemics and deaths triggered people to make them feel stressed and anxious. A conclusion came from this research that the positive content of babies, cats, and humor made people feel happier and made them react calmly and positively to situations. Comparatively, they were less anxious in the covid situation.

World Health Organization’s Suggestion To The Public

Not only the analysis of this research but also the World Health Organization came forward and suggested people prevent overconsumption of the Covid related news and articles. Awareness of the medical state of the country and world, in general, is important from the knowledge perspective, but overconsumption is not a good idea for your overall health. WHO suggested using social media as a recreation practice and not in a way that triggers your emotions adversely to give you an emotional breakdown or anxiety attack.

All these observations suggest openly that social media dealing in stressful situations like the mass loss of lives, financial and employment losses can cause an emotional imbalance in people, says Paul Haarman. Thus, as aware citizens, we must choose our social media content wisely. Should stop spreading negativity and keep a timely check on the data viewed by our family members and us.


Useful media content can be chosen to be delivered in the form of cute memes that will not only deliver the necessary information to the public but also make them feel better emotionally. Memes as a way of entertainment are easily available in the comfort of our mobiles phones but also are psychologically safer. This way, information can also be delivered, and also health safety will be in check says Paul Haarman.