With COVID- 19, various uncertainties came alongside the mass population. The major threats of the pandemic recorded globally were being infected by the virus and getting affected by it. But other than the death threat, survival too was at the stake of crisis with job losses& financial downfalls. All these factors created so much strain among the masses that mental health became a common talk.

Statistics as shared by Paul Haarman

Children and adolescents who are the social game-changers and the future of this globe eventually too couldn’t resist the adverse effect of COVID-19 on their mental health. The latest data by UNICEF shows that one in seven children globally has been affected by nation lockdowns.  Loss of education too was found in more than 1.6 billion youth.

Change In Regular Schooling

With a gap of 18+months of regular schooling, many behavioral and psychological changes have been recorded in young minds. Normalizing things may take some time, said PaulHaarman. But it is the responsibility of us as a society to take care of it that the students and young minds do not get affected by this change adversely on the mental level.

Social Responsibility

It becomes the collective responsibility of schools, colleges, teachers, professors, parents, guardians, and the government to make mental health a priority. Little signs of behavior change like prolonged sadness, anxious nature, violent behavior, suicidal thoughts, long hours of sleep should be noticed and handled with utmost care.

Role Of Teachers or Professors

As teachers, behavioral changes of students should be prime responsibility. Minute observations should be taken care of and recorded. If needed, a helping hand should be offered. Teacher and students, if connect emotionally, there is no barrier of embarrassment in the child. As a teacher, try becoming a friend in need by allowing the child to translate his/her emotions to you without any restrictions. Free flow emotions can release any amount of stress and make the mind be in a happy state.

Role Of Parents or Family

Parents are the sole guardians of their children. In this pandemic, children have been spending most of their hours together with their parents. So, notice what your child is doing throughout the day and talk to the child if necessary. Be a friend to the child. If necessary, seek professional help.

Role Of Medical Fraternity

Healthcare professionals like psychologists are in great demand in the medical fraternity with the increasing cases of mental health and depression in society. They can diagnose the related factors and treat them accordingly with the best knowledge in their professional capacity.

Role Of Government

The governments at the national level can conduct surveys and can check with the people what necessary changes are required to be implemented for better mental healthcare of the society as a whole. All the planning, policy-making, and implementation is the government’s responsibility. Specific policies for mental health should be made and traced in regular time intervals.


Like other physical health-related ailments, let us normalize the psychological health of young minds too. In the words of Paul Haarmantreat them better with kindness and make this planet a better place for their survival. Offering a helping hand or kind words will not cost us anything but will surely make a difference in an individual’s life perspective which is already in a not-so-good mental space.