In the wake of the pandemic, every company transformed its working pattern. From offline, face-to-face interaction to online, work from office to a work from a home pattern, to ensure the safety of its employees. Many people had wished to work from home. But for a few, it may be challenging. Therefore, little effort in the right amount will certainly help you stay calm, productive, and lively.

Following are a few tips by Paul Haarman to avoid stress while working from home during a pandemic :

  1. Stick to your routine

If you want to avoid stress, the first step is to develop a routine and stick to it. Everything will be similar to what you did while working offline, except for the time spent commuting, which can be spent by doing things you love, for example: reading the newspaper or your favorite novel or exercising or doing something spiritual, etc. Just remember, the second your office finishes, stop everything and focus on the life around you and cherish the moments.

  • Break is must

To reduce your stress, take out time from your busy schedule for breaks. You can give yourself a break in various ways. For example, have your breakfast/lunch or dinner at the proper time, go for morning/evening walks, take time off from the screen, etc.

These breaks will eventually help you increase your output.

  • Stay connected

Paul Haarman says that feeling isolated is the most common feeling one can feel while working from home. But with the evolution of technology, there are many ways to stay connected with your loved ones. Distance is not an issue now! So avoid messaging or mailing your friends or colleagues now and then. Instead, you must go for a video call.

  • Create a work corner

The first thing is to find a quiet space in your house. You can decorate it, if you will, to stay motivated throughout the day. The next thing you have to do is, grab everything you require, from pen and paper to chargers. And the final step is to make yourself comfortable in the workspace set up by you.

  • Take out time for Self Care

Any obstacle can be achieved by taking proper care of your physical and mental health.

When a person has attained peace mentally, then it is reflected physically. So to stay mentally calm, you can practice things you love, for example, gardening, singing, journaling, painting, dancing, reading, watching movies or series, etc.


While working from home, you may feel distracted, bored anxious, with zero motivation, etc. There might be many other reasons that would continue to make you feel the same way. And will contribute to your stress. And this is normal. 

Pandemic has provided you enough time to explore yourself, acknowledge your feelings. So at this sensitive hour, please do not be harsh on yourself. Instead, love yourself, do what you have been waiting for so long, relax when you can and be realistic. According to Paul Haarman, a person can tackle every harsh and tough situation with a calm and sound mind. Therefore, at this point of the hour, the aforementioned tips will be very helpful to you.