‘Hold it there for a few more seconds’ said the instructor, It was my first Yoga Class and I was doing a plank.
I felt the tension in my core and came a realization that I had been doing it incorrectly all my life.

Suddenly a sequence of events started playing in front of my eyes, in that brief moment of PAUSE and It just came to me like a flash that I was not taking a PAUSE where I should.

I was young and I was groomed to do things fast, one after the another, yet I was missing something.
I was not having ‘real’ friends (the 2 am, I want to talk friends), I was not having ‘real’ fun (not the one that is hormone driven), I was more volatile and I was not growing.

That day I decided to take the Yoga Class instruction further beyond the Yoga Studio – ‘Hold it there for a few more seconds’, and things started changing.

Mojo of Small Things brings you the ‘THE POWER OF PAUSE”

1) Pause gives you the time you need to stay on the right path.

Have one more drink!
Eat one more helping of dessert!
He can’t be rude, just give him back!

Taking time to just stop and take two deep breaths can actually turn the otherwise potentially regretful decision into something that is going to be good for you.
A friend of mine told me a long ago and it stuck – When you consume more food than you need, you kill yourself slowly.

When you consciously make decisions that are wrong for you, you reinforce a mindset of taking yourself too lightly.

Take a deep breath and ask – ‘Would I suggest this to someone I love?’, if the answer is NO – Don’t do it yourself too.

2) Pause gives you the time to evolve as a person you would love to work with

No one loves a colleague who would be brash/rude one moment and regretful the next.
We all love people who are high energy yet stable
(Hey! it is not an oxymoron – Energy comes from Purpose and Stability comes from Mindset).

Take two deep breaths before you make a decision, Ask for time and trust me people won’t mind if you emerge fair, rational yet considerate.

Take a deep breath and ask – ‘How would a person I admire deal with it?’

3) Pause helps eliminate the Daily Life Toxins

Hitting ‘SEND’ button too soon, Saying ‘YES’ when you shouldn’t, and getting cornered into a decision that you won’t have made on your own- can lead to more than you can handle afterwards.

Take a deep breath and ask – ‘Would my better self thank me for doing this?’

4) A PAUSE makes your life better by helping you to stay in the moment.

In a nutshell- a Pause helps you live a life of no regret, passion and gets you out of repeating what you shouldn’t have done at all.

Take a deep breath and ask – ‘This moment is not going to come back, how can I make it better?’

WHAT should you do?

PAUSE before you proceed – two deep breaths are all you need for a good life.

Note: It is tough that now how we have been groomed, but it is worth it.

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Originally published at www.mojoofsmallthings.com