The year is 2020, a year of clear vision. Earth will be of the same dimensions: spherical, short and fat. It will be of a different color though. Not white or black, yellow, green, blue, orange or lavender. Not a color that you can comprehend or that you are ready for today. It is LOVE, a new color never seen before in such a magnitude.

There will be some rich and some poor because they won’t begin to see until about 2020 when vision will not be obscured and we will have the kettle brewing. There may be some individuals that won’t endulge like the Neanderthal,  though, they will be few and far between. Mischling is the way to go.

You can see it now, the walls are coming down. People will migrate or immigrate to foreign lands, foreign cultures and they will diversify. To choose a mate of a completely opposite culture will mold two figures into one, their offspring will do the same. There will be no fighting over race, creed, religion or power. When people will work together and have no differences in social thought. And then wealth will be nothing more than a burden like gold on a life-raft. No one born with more than a billion than anyone else and all having the same career and educational opportunities.

Governments are singularly in cause and plural only in ideas of how to provide more oneness in its people. The United States of America is a small experiment. The real melting pot is the earth. The ingredients are everybody and open mindedness. What color will the soup be? Who cares, it could be pea green and it wouldn’t make a difference, because everybody will be the same color. There will be the exceptional beast, but, they will be killing each other off by greed and prejudice, the same killing diseases we have today.

Don’t be one of those that can’t listen to reason because of a mental affliction. Nor be green with envy, yet be green from being scooped out of the melting pot.