What is it that most of us want out of our lives?

At first take, we may say money. Power. Fame. Or some other external measure of success. 

I think that deep down, we want to feel at peace and fulfilled with ourselves and our environments – from local to national to even global.

Internal measures of success. 

On some levels, external measures seem to be more reachable than the internal ones. 

Why  is this?

I think it is because we live in an environment that is saturated by noise. 

By dopamine responses to likes, followers and online popularity.

We think we are polarized, ego-centered, judgmental, hateful, fearful, terminal, victimized, lonely, isolated, separated, competitive beings. 

That is not who we really are, however.

We are connected, loving, unified, spiritual, energy, immortal, collaborative, learning, creating, powerful beings. 

Why have we forgotten?

I think it is part of our human journey – powerful, creative spiritual beings that have forgotten this element of ourselves and instead, we are on a creative adventure of remembering and expanding our experience, and thus, the experience of the whole.

This is our road back to health and our road to a better state, country and planet. 

This new year gives us the opportunity to change our mindsets and embrace each other as part of a bigger whole. 

Remember, any successful ecosystem thrives upon collaboration. I think the mindset of love, acceptance, abundance, and collaboration will give us the peace we seek and the fulfillment of creative change for the better.

That is my wish for each person, and our planet, for 2019.

Then we will all be Almost Heaven.