To begin writing on Thrive without editors or my writers, I must warn you, is written by a Master Creator whose whole focus is creating now, now, now, now.

I wrote the Peace Angels Project to be inclusive and action oriented. Every part of it includes people, relationships, weapons, money and oh yes, art. Lots and lots of art.

it is my intention that people receive and give, that we all exchange in this world called the Peace Angels Project. Giving up weapons is one aspect, but so is giving up those elements of ourselves that hurt ourselves or others. Yes, I don’t believe that one can be a peacemaker without being good to yourself and to the people you love.

The struggles to give life to a newness, something that has never existed before, that is a challenge. To hold that entity to its own level of perfection is a daunting task.

So, there are a great deal of relationships built over time, that have to be considered. There is a build up of talent base that has to be in sync. And then there is a constant newness, a constant relevance to be in touch with to be honed and cared for.

Building something like the Peace Angels Project is a window into the future. Can you dig it?

My most treasured concepts have to be held sacred and at the same time brutally reconfigured…tossed to the night winds and waited for the next morning.

So, you want to read about the internal being of the Peace Angels Project?

Okay. More tomorrow.