Imagine a world in which there is no door that cannot be opened, from long-fantasized vacations to cultural events to learning new languages. Lauren Wilt is the one who makes those dreams happen. The president of Quintessentially, a luxury lifestyle management company, Lauren helms the United States dream-making team, curating unforgettable experiences and moments.

Lauren’s job is to help people live their best lives — and within her demanding schedule as an executive and a new mother, she finds time to live her own, leveraging exercise as a tool for reconnection and enhancing her creativity. By pushing herself as an athlete, both on the road and the waves, she has developed a wellness habit that has allowed her to discover new countries and new opportunities for peace.

I had the pleasure of talking with Lauren about what led her to Quintessentially and how she incorporates wellness into her everyday life, finding ways to free her mind through movement.

Which wellness practices have benefitted you most?
Exercise for me is the one practice that helps on so many levels, and it’s something I’ve been passionate about all my life.

I started surfing over ten years ago in New York City and it’s something I regularly do to this day. I find the ocean so calming — it’s the one time I can put any worries aside, and just concentrate on myself and connect with nature. I’ve surfed all over the world, from Sri Lanka and Morocco, to Brazil and Peru.

I also really enjoy hot yoga and running, and again find that it offers a great chance to clear my head and boost my creativity. I ran the NYC Marathon in 2018, and have run numerous half marathons in LA and New York.

What would you consider to be your “go-to” wellness tips?
Daily headspace – take time each day to step away from the noise and make time for yourself. That could be a 15-20 minute walk, time to listen to a podcast or read a book.

Find a sport or exercise that you enjoy – it doesn’t have to be competitive, and you don’t have to be great at it, but if you can move every day and have fun doing it you will feel so much better for it.

Get enough sleep! This one is never easy, but I try to go to bed earlier than usual at least one night a week, and find sleep stories on the Calm app really help.

What led you to becoming the president of Quintessentially?
After leaving college, I spent a number of years working in the hospitality industry with roles at the Cipriani Group and The Box in New York. I developed a real interest in how the business and servicing sides of the hospitality industry came together – the balance of creating amazing, connected customer service, whilst ensuring a robust financial model and a thriving business plan. I went on to pursue an MBA at New York University, and joined Quintessentially soon after as Head of Membership. I’ve since led numerous departments at the company, including Operations and Business Development, and I’m now responsible for the management of all Quintessentially’s US offices, with a focus on continuing to grow the business post-pandemic. Our private membership side is booming right now and it feels great to see people keen to make up for precious lost time. I feel grateful to be in a role where I am still continuing to learn and grow every day.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Wilt

Why are you passionate about Quintessentially and its impact on people’s lives?
We help our members get the most out of their lives, whoever they may be, wherever they may be and whatever they may need – whether they’re single, married or want to use their membership to focus on their family, we save them precious time, take on their day-to-day responsibilities and allow them to focus on their passions and introduce them to new ones. On another level, we’re executing incredible experiences for members beyond their wildest dreams, as well as highly stylized and curated content catered to their passion points. At a time when the world is opening up again, it’s amazing to be a part of a business that is on the cusp of new trends and transformative experiences, and a service that can truly help inspire our members to live their best lives.

Are there any challenges you have faced in your wellness journey that have allowed you to grow more?
I’ve always used exercise and an active lifestyle as a way to decompress, reflect and think through challenges, so it was an adjustment to stop surfing while I was pregnant with my son. Now, it’s going to be a family activity as my one-year-old is already in a wetsuit! While I had to pull back on more physically demanding activities for that period, I focused on more gentle forms of exercise like walking, yoga and swimming.

Any details on wellness initiatives at the company internally?
We have always been a supporter of flexible working, and since the pandemic we have ensured that all our staff feel comfortable, connected and able to continue to work remotely if they choose. We hold regular team catch ups – some now in person and also via Zoom – to allow all our staff to share stories and relax and have fun together. Throughout lockdown we began to offer all our staff regular meditation sessions with Gina Hemmings – a wonderful lifestyle coach and hypnotherapist – which provided them with a chance to reset – something we look forward to continuing. We also work with a number of partners in the wellness space, from local yoga and Pilates studios, to reflexologists and nutritionists, with whom we hold exclusive introductions and sessions for our employees.

Any details on wellness for clients and what you offer that really sets you apart?
Our members are busy, smart people and know the importance of incorporating health and wellness into their lifestyles – this category of requests spiked heavily during Covid. The idea of optimizing health is something our members are passionate about, and the demand for personal trainers, private gyms, life coaches and healthy, organic products has never been higher as our members look to live longer, happier and healthier lives. Through our global network, we are able to offer our members access to leading wellness experts and unique experiences around the world – from virtual sessions with life coaches and wellness specialists, to one-on-one classes with leading yoga, Pilates, sleep and fitness experts. In the last two weeks alone, we’ve sourced an acupuncturist in London, helped to organize a cooking masterclass with a Michelin starred chef and a private skincare tutorial with Dr. Barbara Sturm in New York, arranged an at-home spa day in Dubai for a group of friends, organized Mandarin and piano lessons for a member in Paris keen to expand their repertoire, and kitted out a full private home gym for a member in Lisbon. Our award winning travel team has also organized many wellness focused travel experiences for members – from yoga retreats in Sri Lanka, road trips across America’s best National Parks and bespoke health camps in Switzerland. The benefit of Quintessentially is knowing that we are able to recommend experts and experiences that are tried and tested and the best in their field – and ones that also bring joy and purpose to our members lives.

What is your favorite quote?
“Don’t wait for opportunity, create it.” This quote reminds me to always seek out the positive each day, work hard and approach each project, meeting or pitch with passion. It’s so important to stretch yourself and keep growing, and this saying reminds me to get out of my comfort zone, not be afraid of failure and continue to try my best.


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