Hi everyone! This is my first article. Precisely focused on getting to know yourself. Let’s peel that first layer shall we?… Yes! That outer layer is who people see. Do you think you see who they see? I think we are so much greater than what we even perceive ourselves to be… if we didn’t flinch, bow our heads, keep silent or act like we are demure what possibilities would await us!

I do hair and makeup as my career of choice. Over the years I repeatedly hear from women how much their husbands or partners approval of their look and the fear of trying a new look looms on them heavily. To the point some of my clients go into anxiety mode even with the thoughts of it. The tragic comedy of this is that their husbands or partners are a hot mess, literally. They definitely are not concerned about how their partner thinks of their looks. Example…heavy mid section, in shorts or sweats, unshaven plus gray hair!
Why is it ok for them to not put such effort as opposed to our obsessing over it? I’ll tell you why? We were taught to doubt ourselves since day one at either school, church or at home. We were taught to question ourselves. A Billion dollar industry makes their money on this false sense of a problem!
There is no problem… we all age and most of us age quite gracefully. Let’s focus on why we’re married to those voices that tell you you need to dye your hair and starve yourself to the point of getting dizzy spells – a cube of cheese anyone?

Nothing is more sexy than confidence and attitude of knowing yourself – now, how would we get you to that level? Be honest with that reflection you see every day and know and look at each detail … your eyes, lips, cheekbones, hair, neck, hands, and your body. How perfect they work, how original and unique they are.

Who was the first person to make you feel gorgeous and smart? Who made you feel like you could conquer anything? Who unconditionally loves you?
The answers should be … you!

You are the onion, you are the one when ready will allow the first layer to be boiled off and it’s clear see through texture will leave very little to figure out. Why? Because at that point you won’t give a fuck! That’s when you know you’ve arrived!

Next layer to peel is what the social institutions have imposed on our minds. How better love yourself again than giving yourself the permission to peel away everything that does nothing for you any longer and put that energy into your passion…YOU. I’ll be there with you by way of one article at a time!

Happy New You 2019

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girl with pearl hair