Are you treating your people like they are your greatest asset?

I received so much feedback from last week’s podcast on Effective Hiring (Episode 53 if you missed it!) so I wanted to continue that conversation this week!

Here’s the question to you…and I touched on this in last week’s episode…

Are your PEOPLE your greatest ASSET?

In business, in relationships, in life…people aren’t just a means to an end. They are everything.

Whether you lead a team within your business, within an MLM, within a volunteer organization or even within your family…Your PEOPLE are your greatest ASSET. Are you treating them that way?

Listen in to Episode 54 of the Change by Choice Show: “Are Your People Your Greatest Asset” for my thoughts on this; why your people aren’t just part of your business, they ARE your business, why it’s so important and how you can start to shift in the right direction.

So let’s start to assess where you’re at. How do you view people? Do you view them as an asset? And if you do, is that sentiment backed up by your ACTIONS? This isn’t just something catchy that we say and plaster up on our walls; your words are no good unless they backed up by your actions and your behaviours.

Why is this so important for your team?

1 – For the Success Of Your Business

Plain and simple when you have people working for you that are feeling fulfilled and who have “bought in” to your vision and are committed to the business, your business will be more successful. People are more likely to work hard and do their absolute best when they feel appreciated, when they feel supported and heard and like they are a valued member of the team. If you want the best from your team, treat them that way. Your people are the forefront of your business; without them, you have no business.

2 – They are Human Beings

The people on your team aren’t just machines that you pay to do a job. They aren’t just means to an end.

They are human beings.
They are connected to other people.
They go home to families.

How you treat them, how you set them up for success, how you listen to them and be present with them and effectively lead them affects how they feel when they go home. Which affects their relationships. It affects their health. It affects how they show up for other people.

Your choices and your actions have a ripple effect; especially when you’re in a leadership role and you need to take that seriously. In our inadequacies and our own struggles, we develop different means of protection but the problem is that in doing so, it hurts other people.

There is a better way. You can either be part of a process that builds up healthy human beings or part of a process that breaks human beings down.

3 – Energy is Contagious

How we treat people and the impact that our actions have on them connects to the energy that we transmit and the energy that they feel. We’ve all walked into a room before and felt when there is negative, toxic energy; where someone’s in a bad mood or something bad has happened. Words don’t have to be said, but something is off and you can feel it. Or when someone walks into a room and the energy in the room instantly takes a turn for the worse. My question for you is this: when you walk into a room, what energy does your team feel from you? Are you aware of what you’re putting out there? Are you leading with fear-based intimidation because that’s what has gotten you results in the past?

Be mindful of how your energy affects the people around you. And I want you to explore the idea of doing things differently and not just keep doing what you’ve always done. That’s what got you here, but it’s not going to get you to that next level. Gone are the ways of fear-based, intimidation-style leading and if you’re still stuck in that, it might be time to reach out for some personal development in this area.

What we need right now in this world is more heart. More value. People are leaving their jobs because they are more stressed and more overworked. They leave their jobs because they feel undermined, they feel like the bottom line comes first, they feel like their word or their contribution doesn’t matter. People want to feel fulfilled, purposeful, acknowledged.

Your people matter. Start to believe it for yourself and start to show it in an authentic way.

I challenge you to hold yourself to a higher bar when it comes to your leadership. Take some time to reflect on where you’re at right now. And if you’re already doing a great job here, what could be your next step? Don’t get too comfortable because comfort is an easy slope down to mediocre. How are you going to keep up that level of leadership and how are you going to maintain it when things get hard?

Make a decision – what is one thing you could focus in on and start to create some action with that will level you up as a leader? I’d love to hear from you! Reach out to me on my website and let’s continue this conversation! And if you need coaching on this, please reach out to me!

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