Who doesn’t like traveling? Well, I am a travel freak, whenever I get a chance to travel; I am like “Let’s go”. We all love vacationing, exploring places, digging the hands into adventure and of course if you are a foodie too then that’s a plus point during vacationing. Many people I across always asked me how my travel bucket list ideas have changed me and my life? If I look back at myself who I was before I began traveling and compare that to myself now, I would say that travel has made me a better and better-rounded person. Travel has made me much cooler now than I was at 22 when I first left to explore the world. If simply saying I am a lot more open minded, more positive now than I used to be before.

In fact, I think travel makes everybody a more awesome individual. If you are a traveler I am sure you must have noticed that we end our travel journey in a much better way than when we started. I am not saying this to be proud, but I am saying it because I believe it makes us a better human being and a way cooler one too.

Do you know for some people travelling is just about fulfilling their bucket list? Yes, this could be one of the reasons, but for me travelling is much more than that. If you planned your travel or vacation in a right away, there is a lot to learn when visiting other countries or places. It just opens you up to new experiences, I advise you to stay in a home stay, volunteer with the community charity, get to know more people and the culture of each new place you visit. I am sure when you return home. You will not only return with great memories but with great skills too.

Before writing this article I asked many of my friends what travelling mean to them? Or are there any changes they observe after exploring places? And everyone is like through exploring they have become more curious and more interested in knowing new things and also meeting new people. Moreover, as you come across meeting new people, you naturally tend to accept the good versions of others #socialinvolvement.

According to many studies people who travel or explore are more productive but how?

1. Perspective

Travel Perspective
The Vision..

Yes, travelling changes your perspective, if you see, you are always around the same people so you will always think the same way. Okay! Sometimes that can be good, but not always it can get boring too. Going on vacation and getting involved in a new surrounding and culture can open your mind and maybe change the way you view the world. In simple words vacation allows you to develop a global perspective. And this you will realize when you return to your work with all the real –life experience you gathered during your vacation will make you more valuable assets than before.

Remember – Overworking will never make you successful, instead take a vacation and grab some new exciting ideas and thoughts.

2. Learn Priorities

Learn Priorities
Make a notes. What comes first and what next to it…

Travelling help you to look through priorities and you may be thinking how? Let’s give an example, when you travel you need to be determined what is essential and what you can do without. You can’t carry everything and nor you can choose the comfortable mode when you are travelling. Thus, this teaches us how to make difficult decisions and what is most important in that different situations. Being able to manage time and resources is the vital part of any work or education or any of your day to day activity.

3. Communication – most important in one’s life


This point is important for all the introverts reading this article, where they face the communication problem. If you are an introvert, it is nearly impossible to travel and not to talk to other people around you. No matter how, you will still need to talk to the stranger whom you have never met before. For example the taxi drivers, the restaurant waiter, the local people and much more. If you are a shy one who always hide, my recommendation “YOU MUST TRAVEL MORE”. It will basically train you and you will gradually learn how to move out of your comfort zone. It will improve your soft skill and how to deal with people. If you are on your solo trip and lost your way to your destination where map does not help, you have to ask the right person to help you out.

Travel will grow your Courage. Do it! And Make a plan to travel alone to gain beautiful experience the world is waiting to give you. And I am sure it will impact you deeply that’s my word.