Ultimately these two words are familiar with everyone; we used to keep our health free from disease as well as keen to follow somebody “who used to keep himself/herself healthy”. This article is not specifically related to “health related topic”. I am talking here about generic situation. Once upon a time, we used to believe on “intangible” things. Nowadays, situation is completely volatile, being a part of technology oriented world, we have to believe on realistic & “tangible” things. With the consideration of my past years of experience on this earth, writing this article for social awareness. KEEP Versus KEEN. Have we thought about these two words earlier? If not rethink…….rethink again.

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Hope you got my point. Let me split these words in following manner, KEE ‘P’ — — Kee__ ’N’ , any idea? Another chance for guess. Ok no problem, life is not a rocket science. If we cannot understand the basic things, it’s not our problem. It’s a problem of “Area of influence” which is directly associated with “Circle of Influence”.

If we focus on this word “KEEP”, this is constructed as KEE (Key) P whereas P indicates “Positivity”. In another way, “KEEN”, this is constructed as KEE (Key) N whereas N indicates “Negativity”. Perception matters, Keep right attitude to deal with any difficult situation and do celebrate every victorious moment in life. Be a winner.

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