Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a house without a refrigerator, stove or TV set. The variety of home appliances has grown exponentially, offering the most diverse possible uses. Encouraged by the continuous launch of novelties from manufacturers, the home appliance repair markham index increases year after year. However, many consumers use the technical assistance service to extend the life of the devices beyond the original warranty period.

Repairs and exchange of electronic parts can recover damaged devices and prevent the customer from having to buy another product. This is the main benefit offered by an appliance maintenance workshop: savings for customers. We have prepared a material with the main guidelines for you who want to set up an appliance maintenance service. The booklet how to set up an Appliance Maintenance Service is part of the Business Ideas series, to present business trends in the market and offer tips and information to those who are undertaking.

Firstly, a survey must be made of the area where the business is intended to be established: whether it is a commercial, residential, high or low population density region, whether it has easy access, etc. Second, one must research the competition. Doing this, it is possible to observe how many technical assistance already exist in a close radius and if there is potential for the operation of another store.

The ideal is to look for places with high population density, preferably in avenues with active commerce and at the same time close to homes. It is also important to assess the income profile of the region’s residents. In addition, the location must have easy access and mobility. Preferably have your own parking lot or with lots of parking possibilities on the street. As the devices are heavy, the ideal is to make the customer’s life easier and avoid having to carry the equipment over long distances.

Physical structure planning

Service of Support to Micro and Small Enterprises, the ideal property for the operation of an assistance store should be 100m², where it is possible to separate the reception / service, workshop, warehouse, office and bathroom spaces.

It is also interesting that there is a possibility of expansion, as the business grows. Remember that the larger the physical space, the more area for storage and workshop, and consequently, the greater you’re current and future service capacity can be.

The reception and the workshop are the business card of the enterprise. Therefore, the place must be clean and organized, so that it conveys the impression of professionalism and cleanliness. The service counter area should also be thought of in a marketing way that is, with a minimum of architectural planning, offering a waiting area with magazines, water and coffee, good lighting and ventilation, layout consistent with the colors and logo of the company. Company, and other choices that value the environment. The external area must also be designed in a professional manner, with a layout consistent with the company, a facade that easily identifies the business, adequate lighting and parking, if any, in good condition. If at first these elements may seem like a luxury expense, in fact it can be precisely the differential in relation to the competition, as customer’s value well-being and professionalism.

Service steps

There are 5 well-defined steps in the operation and routine of mechanical assistance for electronics and home appliances.

The first is the reception, that is, the customer service area. It is important to have well-trained employees with the capacity and / or talent to deal with people. This first stage is also essential to leave a good impression, both in the sense of the physical space where the reception is made and in relation to the service that is offered. The second stage is that of the budget. This is where your company will offer a price to the customer for the service that needs to be performed. This price must be sufficient to cover the costs of parts, labor and also generate some profit margin. Therefore, it is essential to have good technicians to open the problem equipment and investigate exactly what needs to be done, in order to offer the technical opinion and the budget correctly.

In addition to the value, the budget must also provide a forecast of when the equipment will be ready, considering both the repair time and the deadline for delivery of ordered parts – if necessary. The quote can be made both at the physical store and at the customer’s home, and while some companies offer this service free of charge, others charge a fee – which may or may not be discounted from the repair price if the customer decides to close the deal.