It’s not that people are perfect

It’s that they are the perfect people


Strategically linked to us


Protagonists in their own story

Yet extras in ours

Bringing me to conclusions

Taking me towards answers

Each in himself a catalyst

Each in herself, access to my soul

And the dancer, the conduit to my story

And the sister, the other part of my soul

And the twin flame, the mirror I needed

And the Imam, the release from judgement

And the sheikh, the access to pain

And the Iman, the telling & owning of truth

And the friend, the acceptance of self

And the comedian, the reliever of pain

And the monster, the facing of darkness

And the parents, the voice of reason

And the home, the place of care

And the traveler, the friend on the path

And the lover, the feeling of vulnerability

And the artist, the permission to express

And the mistake, the reason for growth

And the sibling, the one that understands

And the stranger, the unfolding of life

And the enemy, the one to love regardless

And the therapist, the transition to me

And the old friend, a reminder of who I was

For each person plays a role

And each role designated by god



The Divine plan