Challenging perfection is one of my top priorities as life coach because it’s such a destructive force in our lives. 

I say our lives because this drive for perfection affects all of humanity, not just your own personal happiness.

All around you there are false images and stories of Perfect lives that leave within you a deep sense of loss. 

Spend 5 minutes on any social media and you will be exposed to some kind of bullshit fairytale about someones perfect job, marriage, holiday or children. 

Or sold the latest fad, gimmick or program offering the perfect life you could have if you just……….

The irony is that a person who lives their life in a state of delusion is called mad, yet the majority of humans live exactly this way.

We invest our most precious resources – our time, energy and focus to meeting expectations that have no grounds in reality. 

No one has a perfect life because ‘perfection’ is still framed as ‘pain-free’ and there’s no such thing as a pain-free life.

But we all know that pain-free sells!!

And that’s why our media is populated with beautiful, glossy, air-brushed images and feel-good success stories. 

Yes, it’s true, that actress who eats vegan, has her dream job and has never been happier since having a kid is bull-shitting you.

She may genuinely thrive in life, enjoy her work, eat well and cherish motherhood but I assure you she gets triggered, shouts, cries and has lost moments.

She doubts herself, falls out with colleagues, gets passed over for roles, fights with her husband, screams at her kids and has really down times.

I know this to be true because like you, she is human and we are all equally designed this way . We are emotional, energetic and intuitive beings that FEEL life not just DO life and pain is a core part of this living process.

Pain teaches you how to stay safe, how to care for yourself, to discern what’s right and wrong minded and forces you to mature.

So a life without pain is just not living it’s numbing out and this is what makes a happy life so very different to a perfect life. 

Happiness occurs on the other side of more difficult emotions so it naturally accepts pain, sadness and disappointment as part of the growth process.

Happiness is essentially the good feeling or contentment that comes from growing, expanding and maturing in your life.

Even when life is tough, you’re clear that you will benefit from the experience by becoming wiser, clearer of mind, more resilient and powerful in your choices. 

You mature and with this become your own person again after decades of adhering to bullshit illusions of who you need to be and what you must do.

This is the Happy Life, one created by you on your own terms, that applies your gifts to serve joyfully.

Nothing more, nothing less.

 So instead of wasting your days scrolling through Facebook pictures of un-realisitic lives, start investing in your own growth and see how quickly a positive shift occurs.

Take care & love life.

Ischa xo