Something you haven’t considered is at the root of those stubborn areas of your life that feel out of reach.

It’s permission.

I can hear you now,

“No way Christine, I do what I want to do. I don’t need permission from anyone.”

That’s what our conscious mind wants to think, but guess what really steers the boat? It’s your subconscious mind.

Sure, you can override the subconscious mind temporarily, but turn away for even a minute, and it takes over again.

Like it or not, we all progressed through childhood steered by the whims of permission. Even the most basic human needs of when to eat, when to pee, and when to sleep were regulated by permission.

Permission is a hard habit to break.

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So go with me here, you have nothing to lose. Give yourself permission.

On the surface, some people feel they need someone else’s permission, but deep down it’s your own permission that’s key. Today you’re going to give yourself permission to do or have what until now felt out of reach.

Permission is most needed in the areas you’ve been battling the longest. Losing weight, feeling satisfied with your life, maintaining relationships, loving yourself, or overcoming a chronic health condition are some near universal examples.

Granting yourself permission is a simple exercise that can put an end to years of frustration and perceived failure.

I give myself permission to…

reach this goal
fall in love
be loved
deserve this
be happy
be pain free
be healthy
be at ease
be my authentic self
have fun
be paid fairly
accumulate wealth
be forgiven
be content

Whatever it is that’s felt beyond your reach, give yourself permission to have it. Say it out loud. Say it to yourself in the mirror.

Is there resistance? Is it too hard to say?

If you’re really coming up against resistance, then some deeper work needs to be done.

We may need to integrate some conflicting parts, dissolve some limiting beliefs, or explore the motivation behind the desire.

Those are advanced levels that can’t be addressed here in a blog post.

Even I forget to give myself permission.

Not long ago, I was feeling stuck myself. Wanting to double down on my writing, and move forward with new and untested projects, but also feeling tied to old ideas and schedules, I was making zero progress in either direction.

My own coach and spiritual teacher asked me, “Christine, have you given yourself permission?”

Wow, what a powerful question! I hadn’t given myself permission to just write because all sorts of conflicting voices were trying to tell me what I “should” be doing.

Even though I was feeling deeply inspired and guided that the next step was the right one, I was having a hard time pulling the trigger and committing to it.

So I gave myself permission. Permission to move forward in the direction I felt led to go.

Next is giving myself permission to feel at ease during these changes!

Let me know how things change for you when you give yourself permission.

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