Thanksgiving is a season to relish Blessings. We are inclined to settle in doors, gather among friends and family while delighting in our Blessings. It is no wonder food is the center of this season’s celebrations as it is with many occasions.

For good reason we celebrate with food. Good food nourishes our body’s brilliant design. It is the basis for much joy. Energy, strength, growth, restoration and rejuvenation are the result of good food input for our body. Food’s textures, smell, and tastes: Sweet, Savory, Salty, Bitter and Spicy inclinations are messages for our body and mind.

Amazingly great benefits of good food begin in our brain. It is here, in the command center of our body, where the brain sends messages that it is time to eat. When we are tuned in to our body, a craving can be received to especially delight and satisfy our body. When we choose good food, our body cues us it is satisfied. Satiation from good food equates to being nourished.

With the Thanksgiving holiday in mind, we think about what we are going to eat with extra care, as we select recipes, and then ingredients for preparation of the holiday meal. We take care to create a lovely setting for our gathering and presentation of the food we have selected.

Satisfaction is enhanced by delight of great company, conversation, laughter and the eager anticipation for the gathering. We slow to savor our surroundings and the food before us. You see, the body thrives on the moments of enjoyment around and throughout the meal. All of this is pleasing to our mind and body. When our body and mind are satisfied, our spirit is engaged.

The gift of a holiday’s celebration offers a measure of congruence we can carry to our daily routines. With mindfulness to be aware of how we carry forward pleasure, we can experience food every day as optimally healthful. Pause to observe yourself in harmony with your experience of eating and the people you dine with. Pause to consider the choices made in each moment for greater wellness.  

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