You see, I was great at being persistent…but not at being patient. With the benefit of hindsight, I’d like to talk to you about both and it really doesn’t matter what you do for income generation or your own business as this applies to all.

One thing that many people get frustrated with today is that “Things just aren’t happening fast enough!” Don’t we all want it sooner? Don’t we all want it YESTERDAY? More money, more stuff, more progress, more, more, more. There was someone on my podcast recently as a guest who said he’s frustrated with the fact that millennials all want things faster and faster. I’m not sure how accurate his private statistic is, but I do know one thing.

Overall, we all want more, faster!

I understand that. We all go through it, and we’re all human. I was reading some comments recently from James Ray, the former Sales Trainer for AT&T. He’s an interesting guy with a lot of experience.

He mentioned that there are three “Basics” we need to be conscious of—and they’re all simple. I’d like to share those three Basics with you and add my comments to them because I think that they’re applicable to what we do.

The 3 Basics

1. It took you “X” years to become who you are. You cannot change overnight…but you can change anything you want to!

Yes, you CAN change anything, but for goodness sake—if you’re 30 years old, realize that it took you 30 years to get where you are now. It took 30 years to form some of your greatest positive habits and 30 years to form some of your negative habits, so please—be persistent in your efforts to CHANGE, but be patient with yourself.

2. If you are doing everything in your plan consistently…it’s just a matter of time. Lack of patience is the biggest enemy of success.

I don’t care what your career is or what you’re looking to achieve—it all takes time. Usually, longer than you planned. In my real estate business, it took me a while to realize just how long things take to materialize.

These days, I start working on deals and prospects about six months in advance. I usually won’t see any money from them until six months or even a year later in some cases. But if I hadn’t started working on them in advance, I’d probably never see that money.

I had to learn the value of patience, and it took some time. In my business, you have to be patient or else you won’t make any money. But the same applies to nearly every industry and career—if you want to achieve long-term goals, you have to be patient.

3. Apply what you are learning everyday, every chance you get. Use the new expertise you are being exposed to… Your “old way” is often the cause of your frustration. Have faith!

I had a coach named Tim Wood, who helped me build my real estate business from 1996 to 2000, which I ended up selling for over ¼ million dollars in 2000. Tim used to always tell me at each stage of growth, “Chris, what got you here will hold you back as you try to get to the next level.”

Don’t stay still! If you’re standing still, you’re actually going backwards because the best of the best in your business are not standing still… They’re moving!

Keeping an effective journal

In order to apply what Jim says (applying what you learn everyday), I strongly suggest you start a journal. I have a journal next to my reading and brain storming chair in my house, and I have one that I carry with me on a daily basis.

Each night, you should answer four questions in your journal:

  1. What was the best thing that happened today? (Success reinforces everything and keeps you positive and focused during challenging times.)
  2. What was the greatest challenge today?
  3. How could I have handled it differently?
  4. What was the best thing I learned today?

After you answer the fourth question, go to your to-do list or calendar—depending on how you set up your day—and APPLY WHAT YOU LEARNED immediately by scheduling something from it or acting upon it in some way.

I know you’re strong enough to follow it. We all are! The only question is, will we? And, “HOW SOON?” Because here’s the thing: If you knew you could not fail no matter what by following this advice, wouldn’t you do it? 

I remember teaching my real estate agents—back when I ran a brokerage in the 1990’s—about how many calls and appointments it took to get a listing. I’d say the same thing: “Go out and do the calls!” 

And it’s no different with you. You just need to get out there and do what it takes per week or per month or per day or whatever fits your goals and your metrics.

I promise you that there are days where I think to myself, “What the heck am I thinking about?!” There are plenty of them per month. Don’t think for one second anything I’m talking about came easy to me when I started.  

If we are growing and stretching ourselves, we will be uncomfortable. My son had a terrible snowboarding accident in 2003, which I’m sure you’ve heard about if you’ve gone through any of my articles or online material. 

After his first speed after the accident, he said his legs were numb. Then, after the fouth speech in Providence, he said, “Dad, I really like speaking now and I want to do it more!” 

If you heard him speak in the spring of 2005 to over 800 people at the Westin Hotel in Boston, or our recent event in the fall of 2019, you would have said; “WOW! What a great speaker.” Many people came up to me and said “Isn’t he lucky to have that gift to speak?” … If they only knew!

Why am I going over this? Well, I’ve watched and coached many clients over the years and I’ve seen some good people quit literally weeks or months prior to seeing massive success in their life and business. It’s such a shame, and there’s simply no need for it. There are hundreds and thousands of people out there that can help you to be the best at what you do—the very best. 

Get out there and find them! 

The rubber band

I have two more messages in addition to persistence and patience. The first is simple: When you feel uncomfortable, know that you’re growing.

I compare it to a rubber band. Once stretched, it never returns to its original size. Put a rubber band on your wrist (which I’ve done) or on your desk as a reminder to stretch yourself. 

People say to me; “Chris, you speak and coach so well! I’m not sure if I could ever do that.” 

Well, you should have seen the first few presentations! I couldn’t get my tongue or my shaking legs out of the way so I could talk. I kept doing it, and my coaches at the time—in the speaking end of my businesses—taught me that it will improve over time. 

And here’s the second message: Don’t stop or be discouraged with lack of progress. 

No matter what business you’re in, just know that things will happen by following the exact systems you’re taught by your coach—or coaches. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you need to do it daily and weekly…regardless of the results. 

Don’t let anyone that is not successful in your line of work or business thwart your plans or dreams!

And when you’re having a terrible day—which comes with any business—sit down and make yourself review your WHY.