These last few weeks, we’ve been focusing on the importance of personal branding and what it can do for your business and, last week, we introduced the idea of creating content that will build your personal brand. I hope you’ve been following along and you’re ready to get started with stepping things up with your own personal brand, as we have a great training coming up to help you do just that!

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Why personal branding?

To recap on why we’re covering this topic, remember that you have a personal brand, whether you do anything about it or not! It’s what people (and, in the context of your business, specifically your clients, prospects and peers) are thinking and saying about you, both online and offline.

Managing and shaping your personal brand is not about lying, or creating a fake persona, but about making sure that you’re showing up as your best possible self. You want to be portraying and positioning yourself – your purpose, your values, your strengths and skills– in a way that will feed into your business and, ultimately, sell your products and services (although your personal brand will also live above and beyond your current business and offering).

Building your personal brand will allow you to establish credibility in a new space, raise your value perception and stand out in a crowded market place so that you become more than just a commodity.

So how do you create content that will build your personal brand?

In order to create content that will build your personal brand, you need to start by understanding what you’re trying to achieve, who is your intended audience, and what story you want to tell with your content.

Based on an understanding of your objectives and your target audience, you can decide on the content themes that will bring to life your brand in an engaging way for that audience. You will then need to look at the right format and channel for distributing that content (i.e. Will you be doing video or articles or graphics? On which social media platforms will you be publishing each piece of content?) and plan out your content calendar. Finally, you’ll need to actually schedule content creation and distribution in your own calendar so that it becomes part of your weekly and daily routine.

This intentional and strategic approach to creating and distributing content will ensure that the content you do create is doing what you want it to be doing, and that you get where you want to get to. Otherwise, the danger is that you’re throwing stuff out there, your audience will get no sense of what you’re actually trying to say, and you yourself will become frustrated because of all the hard work you’re doing without seeing any real results.

Personal Branding Boot Camp

With all this in mind, I’m excited to invite you to a Personal Branding Boot Camp over in my Facebook group! This intensive five-day training will help you clarify whyyou want to build a personal brand, whatcontent you will be creating, whenand whereyou should be distributing that content and howyou will be executing your plan consistently each week.

There will be live sessions in the group every day, with concrete action steps for you to take so that you really make progress, as well as prizes to reward the action takers! There will also be plenty of bonus sessions in the following days with more tips on what to do next and opportunities to work with me to help you take this forward.

We start on Sunday 3rd March, so there’s no time to lose!

Join us in the Personal Branding Boot Camp to learn how to create and share content that will establish your credibility, help you demonstrate your value to potential clients and, ultimately, build a long-lasting business.Sign up here >>