Personal Growth How Learning To Let Go Of Challenges Is Healthy

Personal growth is something I have sought in life, at least on an unconscious level since I was very, very young. Much of that personal growth has manifested through life challenges, which while being good, can hit a point where it gets unhealthy. Psychological loading, on a mental and emotional level, gets wearing, and when you push through too much, you can break down.

A key learning that came to me in 2004, when I first encountered Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and personal development, is that we are responsible for everything that happens in our life.

I accepted this, and a wealth of personal growth flowed through as a result. Beginning to understand reasons for various events in my life, and gaining incredible clarity on why things had manifested in the way they had. It was seriously liberating.

Pushing Through Life Challenges Can Bring Incredible Personal Growth, But How Much Is Enough?

Having learned meditation, Time Line Therapy, NLP, and so much more, I have become very adept at releasing emotion. Allowing myself to flow free from it.

Yet in continually attracting unpleasant situations that must be overcome, there comes a further toll on the mind, and mindset. Continual occurrences of serious life challenges, can start to alter our beliefs in the world. Spend enough time around abusive people and you could develop a belief that it is what you deserve. Spend enough time on the breadline, without enough money to live, and you could well establish a belief which keeps you there. It goes on, environments that you sustain in, and challenges you go through, can shape your belief about the world, and thus what you attract to yourself.

At some point breaking the chain, lifting yourself, or allowing others to help lift you, up beyond those challenges becomes a truly healthy thing to do.

Honouring The Journey Of Personal Growth And Development And Living A Happy Life

Allowing yourself growth experiences is good.

Though when, on an unconscious level, the drive to create constant personal growth at high-levels is in flow, as mentioned above, it takes its toll. When what could be happening is creating a happy life which allows for personal growth through simpler things.

Climbing a mountain can bring feelings of success and accomplishment, it can be rewarding on a soul level knowing that you have pushed through a boundary, and extended you ability. Knowing that you can go further for it.

Likewise, extending out a meditation from ten minutes to twenty, or even one hour, can be highly rewarding. Connecting with yourself more deeply on a soul level, while also extending your ability to focus and hold you mind in a set state. Highly rewarding as a personal growth experience.

Exploring deeper feelings of love, also brings personal growth.

What many believe is that personal growth comes through adversity.

Personal growth comes through expansion. The more you go beyond where you are, the greater the personal development you go through. And that can be done through pleasant rewarding life experiences.

Clarity And Cleansing Helping Your Mind To Detach For Real Personal Growth

As I sit writing this I am on day two of a water cleanse. Usually I do a one day water cleanse once or twice a month, though with recent challenges I opted to extend out beyond one day. Water cleanses can really help with personal growth for a number of reasons, beyond the actual challenge of going through a full day of only having water, nothing else between the time of waking and going to sleep, there is a huge amount of clarity that comes.

Having practiced meditation for very nearly 15 years now, I am able to create a good amount of calm and detachment when I desire. Though going only on water for a full day, or more, brings a greater state of calm and detachment beyond that. Something which helps me to look beyond situations which are either unfolding, or have unfolded.

Something that has come to me during this water fast, is a deeper understanding of how I have been drawing challenges to myself. Wanting to create ever greater personal growth, transcending my limits and flowing into a greater state of strength. Something that would enable me to help more people.

While I value personal growth, and I relish opportunities for personal development, I do recognize that I could have manifested growth and development in far more positive and life enriching ways. For whatever reason, on an unconscious level, I chose to create things in the way I did. This is the principle of the law of attraction, I have brought things to myself, I have attracted pleasant and unpleasant. So for what reason would I keep on attracting unpleasant challenges?

For some reason I believed I had to. That it would help me to help more people.

The reality is, I can help people better through creating positive results throughout both my own life, and theirs.

This is true for everyone, it is just coming to a point of accepting that it is the truth. And of creating sufficient change on both the conscious and unconscious level so that you can change your life in an effective way.

Acceptance Of Help And Your True Value Paves The Way For Rewarding Personal Growth

Doing everything alone can bring huge rewards, it can also be wearing. Support from others, be they great coaches and mentors, family, or even friends, can bring a host of rewarding personal growth that goes far beyond what is usually possible alone.

Practicing self-love is a key component in personal development, and brings opportunity for personal growth which is rewarding in the fullest sense. Acceptance of your value to the world, for everyone is of value, then living that value, expanding it day by day, through who you are at core, your true self. Brings fulfillment in the most amazing way, with evolutionary personal growth which can be enjoyed in a positive way, day in and day out.


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