When you listen to the performance of the piano, there are certain elements, which gives one imaginations of green. One feels the lushness of vegetation and of emeralds growing in the land. Such notes just have that sparkling effect. From the very moment they are played, one feels that sense of euphoria, which points listeners into a direction, of a higher place. A higher sound leads one into paradise. It feels fantastical, and there is euphoria in the fantasy. Furthermore, it has a way about it, which moves one into a higher level of thinking. Creativity becomes part of the fictional realm. It moves one into a wellness, which re-connects a person’s awareness back into the Earthly terrain. That’s the pleasure of experiencing a more Earthly sound.

I listen to the song, “Sikesh Ataskigne,” and I hear an awakening of the vegetation. Honestly speaking, it was always awake, but this time it has a grander flow. The sparkling of certain notes on the piano establishes this intimacy of being lathered and covered in traces of green. It is absolutely Divine! The lush gardens of Heaven stamp their beauties on Earth. We are blessed to receive this opportunity. Yet, so many people take it for granted. In “Sikesh Ataskigne,” the patterns of Heaven’s paradise are sewn and weaved into the Earthly domain. Any emeralds, which have been hidden, are unearthed. They are used as forms of meditation, and for the cleansing of the Soul. The piano keys are musical jewels, which have shifted Earth’s energies, for a more balanced harmony.


Alemayehu Eshete