Certain beautiful art forms, magically captures your attention. However, an inspiration comes from a song. What is it about this song, which gives a vibe of a shift happening? In hearing the song, “Mengedegnaw Iebe,” the quick syncopation, and repetitious cycling of a group of notes, gives me the pictorial essence of a shift happening. Change is happening, and it is happening quicker than what we are expecting it to be. There is no question about it. What makes it so beautiful is how smooth the channeling of these notes feel. It imitates the rotation in the Earth’s soul is taking place.

Accompany it with that metallic coloring of the vocal elixirs, and one has experienced a windwhirl of memories. Perhaps, such a pattern of Ethiopian soil is a clue. This song-this precious song-is a clue of harmonies. It’s a jewel in pointing individuals into certain directions. The subtle hmms and intended hesitations in the song, leads one into moving in a state of change. Soon, the outside world becomes, slightly different. Soon, the outside world looks much more fantastical; embracing the very same texture of the song. Fantasy’s reality! It’s a mirror in disguise.


Asnaketch Worku