In your daily walk, work routine, or simply listening to the radio, have you ever heard the beat of balance? It’s that of two, and it brings one into a state of centeredness; especially, when things seem off. Have you ever stopped to experience a state of harmony, where both sides are equal? There is emphasis on each point. Keep in mind, however, that one point does not control the other. In fact, there is a state of fluidity among them. Both parts exchange movement among each other. Nothing less, nothing more. A partnership is in agreement. When one is nourished, so is the other. When one is lacking in nutrition, so is the other. Therefore, it is in the best interest of both to be healthy, and in a state of comfort (and bliss).

In music, one comes across that coupledom of the musical, 2! You hear it. You feel it! And, once their presence crosses you, you know that’s where you belong. You know. “Gum gum.” I don’t know what these words mean. Nevertheless, I feel balance. Music is that powerful. Should you never know the language, you are aware of the sound. Whatever the purpose comes to be, one understands its vibrational depth, when in the right spacing.

“Gum, Gum” For not only does it embody a flower, but the patterning, below foretells of nature’s intimacy and its connection, with balance. And balance, my lovelies is beautiful! Balance is enchanting! Balance is, LIFE!

Asnaketch Worku