What we see may not always be a reality. Sometimes, we go through a mental and visional game play, where our eyes seem to be playing tricks on us. We are forced to go into a higher, and more grander way of seeing things. Not everyone is in tune in observing with abundance. Many people have a limited vision. Therefore, we are blessed with the very power of music and visual artistry. These two forms of artistry forces us to see things, which have escaped our minds. We can’t help, but to notice the myriad blessings of Universal abundance, unless we are willing to be open.

Ainotche Terabu.” That’s the name of this song. It’s blessings are bountiful and plentiful. Furthermore, they have a way of moving one through the levels of beauty and play. What does it mean to see further, with a Divine-like eye? Any musician, singer, or performer, who gifts us with such is truly Heaven-sent!

My finding of this specific, Ethiopian pattern led me to experiencing one facet of having multiple visions. When listening to the song, “Ainotche Terabu,” I heard multiple shifts and directions. There are those, who would associate a certain dreariness to it. Initially, there was a sense of discomfort to it. Nevertheless, with such an experience, I could understand the musical process. Getatchew Mekurya is performing the saxophone (with Ethiopian, musical influences) as if it is shaking things up. Moving something, here. Placing something, there. However it may be, things are being shifted. Such moments are through surrender. For, we the listener have no control over how we are being re-built all over, again. We are forced to accept it. In my particular journey, I felt a release of control. Surrender is the epitome of humility. And, the music will force you to surrender, in order to see things, more clearly!

See with different visions, and be nourished, with those colorful, eyes!


Getatchew Mekurya