In the entrepreneur space, sometimes we find ourselves in situations that we don’t quite understand what’s going on. Did I do something to upset you? Was I not sincere? What happened?

For example, in the past few months I noticed a couple of people decided to ‘unfriend’ me from social media platforms. Something like this, in the past, would linger in my mind. I would wonder.. what did I do, why are they disconnecting, why, why, why??? Boohoohoo!

Oh Please!!!

After taking serious, conscious steps towards aligning myself and using meditation as a daily anchor to maintain a positive day, ‘unfriending’ actions do not sway me. I am grateful I don’t take any of these situations personally. You know why? Because it’s not about me. These actions have to do with each individual and THEIR perceptions, NOT mine.

I also realize the journey I am on won’t be for the weak at heart, won’t be for anyone misaligned, won’t be for anyone giving me the ‘side eye’. I realize I’m attracting all the right people into my life so I can continue growing my event management business & launch MasterMind4Kids. That’s my focus, period.

The ones falling off are supposed to fall off! I’ll be honest, this is a comforting feeling.

My mission in life is VERY clear and I cannot allow external factors to affect my feelings or emotions. I control my emotions, period!! This is a huge victory for me! I AM the Queen of this ship!

I share this because I see fellow entrepreneurs get knocked down when others are throwing shade their way. We cannot control what others do or say about us; what we CAN control is how we react to them.

Here are a few tips that were helpful in my alignment:

  • Take control of your emotions and watch how your days shift. Maintaining a positive vibe isn’t just about meditating. It’s also the mindset work we put in as individuals day to day. It’s up to us to pivot in a direction that serves us and doesn’t take us down a dark path. We chose to find the good in situations, no matter how dim the alternative seems.
  • A clear lesson learned, we attract what we put out. All good actions, all gracious activities, all appreciation efforts, result in more of the same. If you opt to go the other direction, well, you’ll get more of that too. A universal law at work everyday with everyone, all the time!! No exceptions. Think about that for a moment. It’s a powerful tool available to you.
  • Love yourself! Be patient and kind to yourself! Sometimes we slip back and allow external forces to shift us. As long as you stay conscious about it, you will learn to control your reactions better and better each time. Just be kind to yourself, above all else.
  • Collaborate with another entrepreneur that has similar values as you. Help uplift each other and serve as a positive sounding board. Many friends and family do not understand the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship and sharing with them only makes it worse. Be mindful of who you speak to about your goals and dreams. Once your mindset is strong, it won’t matter. At 1st, it’s a bit difficult to take on critics. Avoid the situation if you can.
  • Maintain your goal focus and make changes as needed to continue your growth. Change is a constant in life, therefore, your business journey won’t look like someone else’s. Don’t join the cookie cutter society. Create your own path! You are the Queen or King of your ship!

Try out a few of these nuggets of goodness if they resonate with you. I’d love to hear about your entrepreneur and mindset adventures. Everyday is eye opening for me and I’m loving the experience as it unfolds, how about you?

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