Growing up, I used to be an avid reader. My mother would always find me with a book in my hands, whether it was a fiction book about an adventure or a non-fiction book about the solar system. One of my favorite places to visit was the library and the bookstore. Just being surrounded by books, knowledge, and adventure allowed me to go to different universes to escape my own. As I got older, my interest in books started to fall short. I would visit the bookstore, buy a few books, and they would collect dust on the shelf of my childhood bedroom. Life started to get in the way of my love for reading and pushed it to the back burner.

When I started my fitness journey back in 2018 after suffering a traumatic injury while on duty, I found myself sitting at home with nothing but time. I was not allowed to drive my car to go places or allowed to go outside until I was fully healed. After mentality deciding that I wanted to jumpstart my health and be as fit as I was when I was competing in track and field, I wondered what I could do for my mental health. That’s when I discovered personal development. Personal development has been able to offer and has brought two keep aspects to light that will sway everyone to implement personal development into their lives.

Personal development has taught me about perspective. Perspective is crucial because it allows you to reflect on your habits and actions. It brings the question of who you are today versus the person you want to become. It presents what areas in your life you can grow more and what skills needed to be enhanced or learned to get there. You can determine your core values and what daily habits you have learned from personal development that fit your life.

Personal development also taught me that having a plan helps promote continuous growth and helps your mindset switch to being set on the path you plan for yourself. Creating a plan prevents procrastination. It lessens the chance of taking a road you do not want to go. Envision the person you want to be while setting up the steps to get there and starting acting like the person you would like to become. It’s about applying what you learn from your daily lessons from personal development day in and day out.

Personal development has been the biggest game-changer in my journey. It has made a tremendous impact on my life that I recommend it to all of my clients and give them a free book to get them started. Every morning, I read morning devotionals and listen to a motivating video. Before I decide to go to sleep, I read at least ten pages of whatever personal development book I am reading at the moment. Personal development has caused me to launch my own business, be in the best shape of my life, and take chances in life that I would have never taken before. If you do not think that personal development is for you, I ask you to reconsider. You may be surprised what you will discover and learn about yourself if you give it a try. What do you have to lose?