The loss of a beloved pet is one of the most painful experiences we must endure as a pet parent. We dread the day that we have to say goodbye yet we know in the back of our minds that one day it will happen. If you knew in advance how much it would hurt would you still want your pet?

It is an easy answer for me as there is no way I would forego the love, adoration, and countless blessings my pets have bestowed upon me. When they die the pain is overwhelming and paralyzing at times and we must somehow find our way in life without our best friend.

But what about you?

There are few things in life that are as precious as our animal companions. They are our buddies and a source of entertainment and they never turn their backs on us during tumultuous times. They don’t cheat on us or stab us in the back and they love us no matter what we do. They are truly gifts from heaven above.

So I ask you this question:

Would you endure the pain?

Would you want your pet in your life if you knew how much it would hurt?


  • Karen Anderson

    Award-Winning Animal Communicator-Best Selling Author

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