Your dog or cat probably never look all that stressed or worried. After all, they are animals, and they don’t usually deal with all the same troubles and problems that we do. Now, our pets can become depressed or stressed, but they never seem to get that way as often as we do, and we want to show you some ways that animals behave that helps to keep them from feeling stressed out all the time.

Enjoy Nature

Your pet probably spends a lot of time outdoors, and that can help them to be calmer and more relaxed. Our lives are so busy and hectic that we often miss out on the beauty of nature and all that it has to offer, so taking your dog for a walk can help to relieve some of that stress. 

There are actually a lot of benefits associated with walking your dog, as Positively points out. When you feel stress creeping up, you can just spend some time outdoors with your dog or use that as a preventative measure to keep the stress at bay. 

Have Play Time

How often do you see you pet involved in work? Your pet may be busy at times trying to get at some food, chasing a squirrel or following you underfoot, but they always make time for their puppy play pen

They aren’t so concerned about schedules and deadlines and how much work they are getting done each day. We aren’t advocating giving up work and jumping in a puppy play pen (haha), but if you aren’t taking a little time to do something enjoyable that doesn’t come with any associated stress, then of course you will be miserable.

Try Something New

If you watch your pet for a long time, you will see that even though they have some routines, they don’t tend to stick to them all day long. They take time to explore, follow interesting trails and try out new things just because they exist. Your pet is up for everything, and you should be willing to expand your horizons as well. You can learn something from your pets and the way they seek adventure and try new things constantly. Give yourself the opportunity to explore and experience something that you never have before. 

Savor What You Do

Here is another observation for you as cited by We’re All About Pets – pets don’t multitask but do take joy in whatever they are doing. Anything your pet sets its mind to, it does wholeheartedly, be that eating, playing, or adventuring. Have you ever tried to bother your pet while it is eating? You probably found out the hard way just how committed your pet is to that particular task. Yet we tend to be distracted by our cell phones and our work when we sit down to eat, rarely savoring the food and its multifaceted textures, colors and flavors. 

Part of mindfulness is simply enjoying the moment, and it’s something we too often fail to do because of all we allow to go on in our lives at any given moment. Our pets can be great teachers here, showing us how to do things passionately and with all of our focus. 

Take Pleasure in the Little Things

How excited does your pet get about eating, taking a walk, or just seeing you? Think about our same reactions to similar occurrences. 

Our pets are full of excitement each day, even though they probably ate the same food the day before or even earlier in the same day. If we learn to have that same pleasure for little things in our life that happen routinely, we will be so much happier and fulfilled without ever having to change where we live, what we own or the work we do. 

Final Thoughts…

Pets are good for your mental health in numerous ways. They can help to keep your blood pressure down, relieve stress, provide companionship and give you purpose to life each day- all of which help with your stress levels. If you are feeling overwhelmed by what’s going on in your life, then perhaps you can learn something from your more emotionally balanced pet or at least benefit from spending quality time with your animal companion.