Peter Coissy

Peter Coissy, from Florida, is an Executive Producer of Kinggkong Records. He is a new generation Music Mogul in the making. Peter is all about his family and community and is proud of representing his Haitian heritage. Peter believes that his story is all about having faith and will to survive. For Peter, the motto ‘L’Union fait la force’ resonates a lot, which translates as ‘Unity makes strength.’ He aspires to leave a legacy, better than anyone ever did. 

Entry Of Music In Peter Coissy’s Life

Peter Coissy lost his mother at a very young age of five. Peter faced many obstacles growing up. He had little hope and was always stumbling with self-doubts. He even faced insecurity and was depressed many times in his life. While he regrets never having a woman to shower him with love while growing up, he decided to do something about it and help himself.

Peter started with his business of Kinggkong Records last year. However, Peter has always been in love with music. For him, music helped a lot while growing up as a child.

Peter has always had his head in the business. So, it is safe to say that he has always been a businessman. Peter also believes in doing whatever he does, with a personal touch. Therefore, making music came extremely easy to him. His music record brand is called Kingg Kong as that is his nickname too. How he got this name is a different story altogether.

In his childhood, Peter was made fun of and was often addressed as a gorilla. Peter was given the nickname Kingg Kong. Peter became a huge fan of King Kong after he realized that it plays the role of protecting the jungle. And eventually, being called Kingg Kong, made perfect sense to him too, since he is always looking out for his community and has been helpful since a young age. Ultimately, he decided to embrace the name ‘Kingg Kong’ for his records too. Makes perfect sense, right?

Peter Coissy’s Journey So Far

Peter believes whether anyone cheers for us or not, we, ourselves, can make us relevant.

Peter passionately believes that his purpose in life is to help his community to retrain their minds, and this comes from his motto  ‘L’Union fait la force’. Peter is delighted that he can be the reason that others can feel a spark and change in their lives, through Kinggkong Records.

Peter urges everyone to focus on themselves, and not to look for validation from others. He wants everyone to learn to love themselves in the right way.

Upcoming Releases From Peter Coissy

Peter is looking forward to releasing a single in August 2021 with his artists. He also has lined up another release for November 2021. He has few other surprises for us, later in this year and next year as well.

Peter Coissy is also coming with a new line of business soon, a perfume line called Amira, which he has plans to launch in September 2021.