Peter DeCaprio

Vaccines have come out, and life is slowly wading back to normalcy. But you can still feel anxious about a lot of things in this post-pandemic world, especially when it has not gone completely. The news of new virus infection in the US and other countries amidst the relaxing lockdown rules can make you more worried. You can be more sensitive about your, and your loved ones’ safety as offices plan to reopen. That means you would have to commute soon and find childcare too for your young ones. All these thoughts can already be disturbing your mental peace, causing enough restlessness and tiredness. Indulge in a bit of self-care if you wish to get over this uneasiness.


Some people tend to be naturally anxious. But recognizing trigger points may not have been so challenging, unlike today’s time. Covid has made all the scenarios extremely unpredictable, and hence, your flare-ups can also occur anytime. To avoid this, you can start doing meditation. It can relieve stress and improve your mental well-being. Peter DeCaprio says you can access meditation apps to begin practicing this immediately. Some apps offer rich features allowing you to calm yourself down through healing sounds of nature and more. So it can be worth trying one of them.

Self-help books

Another source of good mental health can be reading motivational books. Since it is difficult to find a therapist right now, you can turn to books on cognitive-behavioral therapy, healing, feeling good, and more. Reading positive things can erode your negativity and make you feel happy. So look for famous authors and their works. You can embrace this in your routine for bedtime.

Virtual therapy

Physical therapy may not be possible at this time. But you can replace traditional treatment with virtual chat support or assistance. You can discuss your issues with mental health practitioners and find meaningful ways to deal with your emotions, behavior, and others. Many online platforms are available. You can join anyone that matches perfectly with your goals and expectations.

Coming out of quarantine can be difficult. Due to long lockdown rules, you may have become habituated to taking more time off. And now, the thought of going back to the office and heading back to a pre-pandemic routine can be giving you a sleepless night. While it is reality, you don’t need to panic. First, remind yourself that everyone is going through the same phase. Second, it requires time and devotion to get into any habit. So you can start building a structure around your daily activities and follow it. It will make you feel organized. At the same time, you can find more control over your day.

To be precise, mental states like stress, anxiety, depression, and others demand special attention. During tough times, it can be challenging to find mental peace and comfort. But you can create an environment to promote wellbeing. And reading, exercising, meditating, following a routine, and other activities can help you achieve this. If you feel lonely, you can talk to your family and friends. Or, you can also register on community support groups for help.