Today, everyone is feeling the pandemic stress! The COVID-19 outbreak has adversely impacted every area of our lives and has also induced added stress. Are you worried, anxious, and tensed more than ever? If yes, you should opt-in for meditation. When you spend a few minutes meditating, you can regain your inner peace and calm. You don’t need to be an expert to practice meditation. It’s not costly and also doesn’t need any extra equipment.

Also, it’s possible to practice meditation anywhere you are present. You could be at home, sitting on your balcony, or in your bedroom, meditation is easy to practice.

Understanding meditation

Meditation got practiced for many years. The practice of meditation was all about deepening understanding of the mystical and sacred forces of life. And today, meditation gets used for stress reduction and relaxation to ease pandemic stress. With gradual meditation practice, you can enter into a deep state of peace and relaxation. It is also looked upon as complementary mind-body medicine.

During meditation, you can concentrate your focus and reduce your jumbled thoughts, leading to mental clutter. And this process leads to improved emotional and physical well-being.

The different types of meditation to practice during the pandemic phase

Meditation refers to a relaxed state of existence. There are several kinds of relaxation techniques and meditation. The ultimate goal for all is attaining inner peace and bringing down stress and anxiety. According to Peter DeCaprio, some of the best meditation types to practice during this time include:

  • Guided meditation–At times, called guided visualization and imagery, this meditation process helps you to form certain situations or images in your mind to experience relaxation. You might want to use as much sense as possible, like textures, smells, sounds, and sights.
  • Mantra meditation – Here, you silently repeat a calming word, phrase, or thought to avert your distracting thoughts.
  • Mindfulness meditation–This meditation type is all about being mindful. It enables you to have maximized awareness and allows you to stay focused on the present moment. This meditation allows you to expand your conscious awareness. It is essential to concentrate on all that you experience during the meditation, for instance, your breath flow. You can observe your emotions and thoughts and allow them to come and go without judgment.
  • Qi gong meditation –This technique blends physical movement, meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques to maintain and restore balance. It is a part of Chinese medicine.
  • Tai Chi –It is a mild form of Chinese martial arts. Here you need to perform self-paced series of movements and postures in a graceful, slow way as you practice deep breathing.
  • Transcendental meditation –This meditation technique is natural and simple. Here it would help if you repeated a mantra that gets assigned to you personally. It could be a sound, word, or phrase. And this meditation type enables your body to get to a state of deep relaxation and rest. You can attain inner peace and don’t need to add excess effort in it.

According to Peter DeCapriomeditation has always benefited every individual. If you practice it during this pandemic phase, it will aid your mental health and life well.