Working 7-9 hours a day can be really stressful at times. Sometimes we overreact to situations or mess around just because we’re stressed. It is then a must for us to have our own stress reliever. This can be family and friends, but what if you’re an independent individual who’s not yet ready to have a family? Yes, you have your friends, but what about at home? What will let you relax aside from food and your bed? These are some of the points that we must take note of.

Why not look into having a pet at home? According to The Washington Post, millennials are picking pets over people. Pets are the new trend for relieving stress. It’s comforting to know that after your long, busy day at work, someone can make you very happy and will take away every stress that you have. If you frequently have long and tiring days, you should get a pet that is not just adorable but also easy to deal with. Here are some of the pets that you just might fall in love with.


As the saying goes, dogs are man’s best friend. This is why dogs are the best pets for people who are workaholics! They are sweet and have a great sense of loyalty and attachment. They are also smart, so once you teach them some things, you can easily leave them at home. They can also guard your house. You just have to choose the right dog for your need. But, the most important thing to remember is that you can choose any breed you want as long as you give it the right care and love, and rest assured that they will do the same for you. Dogs can get expensive, however. If you need affordable and quality care for your dog, consider Portland’s Blue Door Vet for your beloved pet’s next check-in.


Cats might be thought of as snobby and less friendly than dogs, but they are also affectionate just like man’s best friend. True, they won’t kiss and lick us once they see us like dogs may, but cats show affection by:

· Showing off their tummy

Cats don’t usually show their tummies to anyone unless you are dear to them. It’s like they are showing you that they are defenseless but comfortable, because they trust you.

· Head butting

When your cats do this, they want to show you how much they love you.

· Nibbling

If your cats nibble, it’s their way of showing you that they want to play with you.

· Following you wherever you go

Cats usually follow their owners around. This behavior means they want to be with you always.

· They choose where to sleep

Cats are fond of sleeping, They can sleep up to sixteen hours a day, which makes them vulnerable. That’s why they go to a safe and trusted place where they can have a good sleep. So, expect that your cat might sleep on your lap or beside you, it’s a sign of great love and belongingness.

· They “meow” all the time

Moewing is their form of communicating with you. It’s really a good thing that they wanted to talk to you, right?

3. Rabbits

Rabbits are good pets, especially when you work a graveyard shift. They do not usually make loud noises and you can leave them all day as long as you give them enough food, water, and a toy to make themselves busy. Rabbits also bond to their owners easily. They can recognize your voice and are playful like dogs. They can jump on your lap and give you their version of a warm, furry hug.

4. Fish

Unlike cats and dogs, fish are incredibly easy to take care of. You can leave them all day and know they’ll be happy confined inside their aquariums. They just need a litte food, enough space to swim, and clean water. On the other hand, fish aren’t affectionate as furry animals. Still, they can be a stress reliever. Just watch them swim with their colorful tails and big eyes, it’s very satisfying.

5. Birds

Nowadays, birds can now be left alone in your house while you go to work. As long as you leave them with food, water, and a nice clean cage, they will be fine. You can put toys, swings, or nest inside their cage, Some birds also entertain themselves. In that case you don’t have to worry so much about them. Like fish, you can also be entertained by watching them flying and hearing them chirping like no other.

Those were just a few examples of pets that you might choose sooner or later. You can select any pet that you want provided that you can give them love and attention. Having a pet will not always be easy, but contacting a Portland mobile vet will add convenience to your already busy schedules.


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