Most musicians become stellar performers with time. Only a few recognize their natural talent at a young age to storm the music industry, all while balancing their growing-up years. Peyton Shayler is one such example. This extremely talented, young, and independent artist is navigating her life in the industry, scaling up to higher with every new release. Her single “Waiting,” climbed up to No. 7 in the UK club charts, beating established stars like Jason Derulo and Pink. With her rising number of listeners, Peyton has also already secured the 18th rank in the U.S. music Billboards.

Currently, Peyton Shayler just released her first track, Lucid Dreaming, off of her debut EP. Playing a vital part in the songwriting process, Peyton wanted to explore lyrical themes of being broken and lost, searching for an escape in a dream world free of burdens and pain.

Devoting her quarantine time to write, produce, and record her EP, this project is sure to have an intriguing and memorable back story. Additionally, Peyton values a strong education and is still in school pursuing her studies along with her passion for music. However, unlike other teens her age, she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life building a career that she never wanted. Instead, the 17-year-old is chasing her dreams of becoming a music sensation and bringing
recognition to young artists in the industry.

Peyton’s journey into the music industry started at the age of 11, where she participated in plays
such as Les Miserables and Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. Others instantly identified a unique spark in Peyton’s talent and performances, encouraging her to start making music. By 12 years old she had written countless songs inspired by various incidents in her and others’ lives. Any chance she got was spent sitting by her piano with a pen and paper in hand, creating. What started out as a typical junior theatre program, ended up changing Peyton’s life.

Earning loads of appreciation for her work, Peyton Shayler has scored opportunities most only dream of. After spending months and months in rehearsals and vocal lessons with the coach of NBC’s “The Voice”, Peyton launched her three-week international tour. She performed in over 15 cities, totaling more than 30 shows.

Peyton is working hard to hone her craft and move ahead towards her goals. Mentors such as Lis Lewis, the top celebrity vocal coach in Los Angeles, profound producers, and choreographers have helped Shay become the artist she is today. So far all who have worked with her recognize that Peyton is a powerhouse of talent for music. Her standout dedication, determination, and sacrifices are truly remarkable for any age, especially at 17.

Peyton is a master of mixing music styles. Her creativity lies in blending iconic rock tones with modern pop elements. With this unique composition, she has managed to engage millions of music enthusiasts. Some of her music videos like “Over You” and “Don’t Need Rules” have got thousands of views on her YouTube channel. Her single “Daylight” is her most successful
creation so far that gained over 100,000 thousand streams and top playlist placements.

However, her success and growth both in the music industry and life do not come without sacrifices. Peyton is transparent about her personal life experiences to her supporters and shares meaningful stories and messages through music. Her authenticity and relativeness have
allowed thousands of people to connect with her and her songs.

Going forward, Peyton Shayler has months worth of music and releases already planned out. Following Lucid Dreaming, her second track Bonnie & Clyde is set to drop on June 25th.

Although Peyton has a team behind her, she finds creative direction by creating her own artwork, as well as shooting and editing most of her videos. In the midst of starting all of these new projects, Peyton is still in the studio creating and bettering her craft. She is truly an inspiration for young artists who want to pursue their passions as a career.