Philip Schulte is best known as a published author and entrepreneur. His newest book, The Eight H’s; a Young Person’s Guide for the “Real World” is set to release in the fall of 2020. Determined to help young adults prepare for the real world, Schulte created a self-help book with the intention to guide young adults through some of life’s toughest decisions. Schulte joined us to discuss his upcoming book in a brief interview.

  1. Philip, tell us a bit about your upcoming book. What is it about?

The Eight H’s is a how-to manual for young people to make the major decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. Higher education decisions, credit and borrowing, health care and housing choices are crucial especially in today’s high cost society.  And yet, the information regarding how to win at the college selection game, using the credit system to your advantage, understanding health care choices, and how to make the right choices on housing are all not taught in school curriculum.  

Even worse, these things are not something that most parents sit down and teach their kids about.  The Eight H’s helps teach young people to make fact-based and smart decisions about these four major expenses so they will have more money to invest and ultimately have a better chance of achieving financial security throughout their lives.

2. What are some of the specific areas The Eight H’s will focus on?

In addition to the 4 H’s already mentioned- Higher Education, Hock or Debt, Health Care and Housing, there are also four income related H’s- Getting Hired and having a successful career, High income investing, and the importance of pursuing Happiness/quality of life are covered extensively.   Finally, the last of the Income related H’s is Hacks, or all of the ways in which young people can increase their earnings, save money and improve spending. 

Making mistakes at a young age can cost young people big time in the long run. Making poor choices in Higher Education, credit, Health care and Housing can cost young people tens of thousands of dollars extra for receiving virtually the same things you would normally get. A bad credit history can result in a car loan costing thousands more in interest, and you may not even be able to qualify for your own home loan.  Young people can also save thousands of dollars of interest on student loans and in some cases, take advantage of loan forgiveness if they select certain careers and jobs.  

98% of students in public service jobs who file applications for Public Service Student Loan forgiveness fail to get approved.   These rejected applicants are missing out on an estimated 10 billion dollars of loan forgiveness!  Think about how it would feel to work for 10 years just to get rid of your federal student loans and then receive that disappointing letter of rejection, all because you didn’t fully understand what it takes to get approved.  The correct procedures and common errors are covered extensively in The Eight H’s

Knowing when to get help is also extremely important. There are many times in which young people need help from professionals, especially if their health, freedom, or personal safety is at risk.  There are also many times when they can use the information in The Eight H’s to make informed decisions for themselves.

This book is not just something we wrote with a number of hypothetical situations.   I went to five colleges to pursue playing Division-1 football and to get the best education that I could.   Like most young people, I moved a lot, had countless experiences and made some mistakes along the way.  Sometimes, other people I trusted wouldn’t do things properly and I was the one stuck dealing with the consequences. If I had known then what I know now, I would have avoided a few substantial problem areas, and would have been much more confident that I was set on the right path. 

In the real world, young people are responsible for their success.   They need to be their own coaches and look out for their own interests.   Mistakes young people make ultimately become adult mistakes, and the consequences become much more severe as time goes on.  Who wants to be a loser at the game of life before it even really starts?

3. What are some things young people can expect to learn in this book?

The Eight H’s will supply young people with all of the critical information they need to know in order to set themselves up for success in their lives that schools will not teach them. Some of these topics will focus on how to think independently and develop character, education and college, finances, finances in general, employment, taking risks, living your life the way you want, protecting your loved ones, and the impacts of the 2020 pandemic.

4. You mentioned you and your Father wrote this book together? Tell us a bit about him.

Yes, my Dad (Philip W. Schulte) and I co-wrote this book. Not only is he one of the most intelligent people I know, but this is something he has always wanted to do, as helping young people is a huge passion of his. My Dad is a former federal government manager. He (Philip W.) managed his own real estate business until 2018 when he decided to spend more time working in volunteer service in the community and helping with the research for The Eight H’s. He also co-founded a charity to help veterans who are struggling with PTSD and have difficulty supporting themselves.  He lives in the Pacific Northwest and has two children (myself and Adrienne Barnhart) as well as four grandchildren.  

5. Where can we follow you on social media?

My Instagram account is @italian.