I recently returned from a trip to Asia to document the work of a remarkable NGO, World Neighbors (WN). In 13 countries around the world, WN focuses on training and educating communities to find lasting solutions to the challenges they face — hunger, poverty and disease — rather than giving them food, money or constructing buildings. They ask marginalized farmers in isolated villages what they want to do to improve their lives, and then show them how to use better agricultural techniques, how to form savings and credit groups, and how to develop better health and hygiene. This ten minute film, which I shot in the Madhubani region of Bihar, in Northern India, focusses on two women who represent a shift away from child marriage and caste prejudice towards entrepreneurship and higher education. Chandra Rekha and Jyoti are part of a sea change that is in motion in the Indian countryside. It is explosive and transformational, and serves as inspiration to anyone who wants to improve his or her life.

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Chandra Rekha

Young Women Put on a Skit Against Dowry

Villagers in the Women’s Group

Villager in the Women’s Group

Observing the Women’s Group meeting

Villagers in the Women’s Group

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