As increasingly more and more people are adopting a love for photo to custom canvas prints, the amount of online companies that deal in photo to canvas transfers has also raised substantially. As you now have many more choices on hand, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine which company is right for you.

Below are a few areas that you may want to keep an eye on when buying a photo to canvas print:

1. Canvas material: You should opt for a print that is made from 100% cotton canvas. This both prevents discolouring and improves the look of the canvas by giving the print a more appealing matte finish. This is also beneficial when creating paintings or other such artwork as the surface is more absorbent. Avoid using companies that use a poly-cotton blend canvas.

2. Canvas weight: The canvas used should be of a good weight. This is very important. If you purchase a canvas made from lighter, thinner canvas it will lose tension and sag and its quality will deteriorate a great deal over time. Thick, high quality custom canvas prints look great and do not wear out easily.

3. Archival Inks: Always ensure that the company that you choose uses archival inks. These inks are fade resistant for up to 75 years. Many printers compromise quality by using other cheaper types of ink. Always read the item description to determine the most suitable canvas printing service who use only archival inks.

4. Frame quality: It is important to bear in mind when buying a print, that the kind of wood used and the structure of the frame is integral to its durability. Always opt for a 4-piece pine frame. These 4-piece frames should come with wooden wedges inserted into the inner corners of the frame, allowing you to stretch the print again and again over time. Beware of companies who use solid wood frames that are made in-house. A solid wood frame does not allow the canvas to be tightened again over time and the canvas will sag and lose its shape.

5. Lacquering: Lacquering increases both the quality and the durability of the canvas. This coating protects the artwork from U.V fading in addition to preventing scuffs and scratches. This Lacquer coating also prevents cracking on the edges (where the canvas meets the frame) and allows you to easily keep it clean by wiping it gently with a damp cloth..
If you are considering purchasing a photo to custom canvas prints, follow this guide to ensure you that you receive a beautiful, Tiaracle offering canvas prints in half price durable canvas print that will last for many years to come. Darren is writing for many websites, he enjoys writing on wide range of subjects such as Photo to canvas and Canvas prints.