Moving into the world of childhood’s play, there comes a time when we must journey into their world. It is a world, which shatters our perception of reality. What we think we know, automatically becomes, shattered! Every version of reality is mustered into another world; a world, in which so few have entered into. Through this world, animals are painted, differently. Humans operate in a natural state, which very few have access to or can imagine!

What is it about the mysticism of the black cow? Cows have been found in fairytales, sung in songs, and located in riddles. In ancient times, cows have been depicted, as a source of nourishment for civilizations, from around the world. So, just what is it about midnight colored cows, and their ability to remind us of our creative sector? Afterall, it is in darkness, where the imagination (and creativity) is found.

So, here we come to the song, “La Petite Vache Noire, Si Tous Les Garcons Du Monde!” Front and center is the vache noir, or black cow! Many times, it takes the right photograph to commemorate such a memory. For this song, it’s the stance of the cow, the positioning, and everything about it, which brings the focal point to direct us into the mystery, for such a journey. The very stare of the photograph is an invitation into that fantasy world. The observer, and the listener, understand how they are secrets to be revealed. Just keep in mind how the secrets are rewarding, should one desire to journey in. So, let us enter, if you dare! Yet, through time you learn the mysterious secrets, of a simple stare!

Conrad Gauthier