Can you picture the space of love on a island? It’s a special night. For that moment (and precious sight), the time is filled with romance. You don’t need a large setting; just a quiet place for two. Afterall, it’s not about the luxury. It’s about the energy of the space. As long as it reflects holistic vibes, a tiny place will just do!

The palm trees are serenading with the sky. In a group, they hover above you; bringing a protective aura on a quiet night, for two.

There is a warm embrace; his touch is very warm. Outside of the room, the wind is heard calling, as sounds of the bachata run rapidly on the beach. Don’t worry about the meaning of the song for now. The poetry feels warm. It sounds inviting. And the song, “Imaginacion” can be heard playing on the island, for that time. There is beauty in the air. There is enough magic to share. Another photograph. It’s filled with an array of colorful hues. Vibrant and exciting colors become one of many artistic oases in the spacing.

Can you imagine yourself and a special someone walking hand-in-hand? Can you imagine that? Is there a special way in wanting to explore a rebirth of Souls? It’s just the two of you. You have tasted the tropical wonders of Dominican culinary. And now, it’s time to put the minerals to work. Can you imagine? Do you dream? The love is calling between the two of you. Now, get to work in creating such a dream.

Anthony Rios