There are many different reasons for why we would hear the term, “Goodness Gracious.” Some of it correlates to particular images, sounds, and other forms of sensory imagery. Whether it be a handsome man, a beautiful woman, or the very beauty of a particular scenery. Goodness Gracious is that specific saying, when it comes to experiencing something, which is like “wow.” It simply takes one’s breath away. The power of the “wow” comes with such a magnitude, that a person has not experienced such an energy, before. And so, it comes with an exciting level of being immersed into one’s Spirit. Goodness Gracious. What a miracle it has come to be!

Coming across such a mesmerizing photograph, we are projected into experiencing one additional beauty. It’s called, imagination. If we were to make use of this tool, could we also envision ourselves inside of this photograph. Where is the place? What adventures do we see taking place, here?

It’s a midday break for some. The day is coming to a close for others. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to move into the world of imagination. It’s never, ever too late. Let’s go. Let’s imagine. Let’s dream. Goodness Gracious! In this world, what do you see?

Kevin Gilbert