Driving back home. The sun presses down on the cityscapes. Traffick has not come to a standstill. And then, there are the colors, which awakens up to the city, as nighttime comes. Excitement enters ad music is establishing its own painting. My, oh my! How we wish to join in with nature and music in the tickling of our psyche. And, so we do! We move through a different timber. Granted we are permitted to imagine ourselves in that creative world, if we decide to. Just know that the choice is up to us.

Looking at the photograph below, how do you see the world-your city-come alive? Does one observe magic starting to fall from the sky? Does one come to experience a colors and shapes, unknown to man? Finally, how does it feel in experiencing fictional characters dancing on top of our cars, in order to provide closure to the day? It’s a miracle. It’s life! It’s the treasure of imagination!

Now, let’s move there. For one legendary, Georgian musician is decorating that time, with Universal bliss!


Slim Bryant