Sometimes, life has a way of taking us back to the past. Travel definitely has a way of doing that. Moving ourselves from one spatial plane to another is more than therapeutic. It’s a way of connecting to ancient memory; depending on how archaic (and ancient) the spatial landscaping is.

A beautiful thing regarding travel is our ability to take a mental flight, prior to flying. For those of us who are awaiting any travel plans, there are those particular dynamics (and ways) of using music as a token of passing through different landscapes. Music guides us and keeps us safe, even when we feel that the journey is not entirely safe. Furthermore, music has a way of directing us through the most beautiful (and intrinsic) of spaces and places. It is one of the most powerful tools for Heaven’s delight; an oasis of mystique. It is an awakening! It is that necessary elixir, which moves us into higher ground. Ah, yes! It’s the power (and well-being) of music, which keeps us sane; in a world, where things seem to be in a state of chaos.

Moving on, we fly into another ancient land, known as Greece. ?? Poetry. Philosophy. Art. Architecture. Language. The Song. Her colorful waters decorate the scenery; bringing an enchanting delight onto the shore. For, it is there, where things are nourished. It is there, in the waters, where a person comes to experience the very beauties of Earth’s purpose; and the reason for why humanity exist on it. Our tasks consist of painting beauty. In fact, the very purpose of doing so consists of moving through different timbers. It is the will of the Heavens for such manifesration of greatness and beauty to be implemented on Earth. In our reference to Biblical scripture, one comes to see this in the Lord’s Prayer. Hint: On Earth as it is in Heaven.

So often, people in the Christian faith are focused on Earth’s destruction, that they rarely spend time in harnessing (and protecting) her beauty. They are more pressed into allowing the Earth ? to fall apart, than they are in putting it back, together. That’s where the role of musicians and artists come in. Their role (and purpose) is to illuminate Earth’s radiance; wherever it may be. Earth has the role and passion of highlighting certain traces of Heaven; of the Divine Universal. Yes. It has that way about it.

Here in Grecian waters (and the lands nourished by them), we have a song (and a sound). It is in the Greek language. The song is a musical performance, which plays on. It plays on. It plays on.

Awaking into the morning rising (in the path of the morning sun), a Greek tongue moves into the rising of the sun. Even if you are not in Greece, you can imagine it doing so. Waking up to the landscapes (and Greek settings), one finds one’s Spirit lifting up to the sky. Such a gentle charm. Do you even have the creative courage to imagine yourself there? It takes courage. It requires courage to travel mentally to a place of far away. It’s a place of ancient timing, where Universal wonder moves through the land and Souls of the people.

Now that we are moving into the morning rising, our outlook is given a fresh look; and a fresh, new start. The right song-its timber and texture-has a way of re-birthing the land. In addition to re-birthing the land, it also re-channels the Soul. Close your eyes, just a little tighter. Once you observe, you come to see and understand what it means for the very power of music to re-nourish spaces. Furthermore, a person is riddled with the very mystique of getting a taste of what life must have been like for musical performances in those ancient times. Just a taste. How did people appreciate them, moreso than how they appreciated, today?

Coming from one Greek dame, of a legendary taste, the morning continues to move through a more therapeutic flow. Love is in the air-those Greek airs, to be exact. Love moves through them, and keeps them in a perfect rotation, for Universal praise and decor. The land is awakened! The timing is just right! Good morning to a higher frequency, as the waters pay us a delight!

Looking at this photograph, the lighting (and coloring) illuminates to certain secrets. There are stories, yet to be revealed. How is that so? Is it possible that the ancient twist is still very much, alive? Is it possible that we are in a period, where humanity is being forced to return to an ancient way of thinking, in order to understand the present? Perhaps. Photographs as the one displayed in this article are more than millions of words. In addition, they are also millions of memories to discover.

Awaken to ancient memory. Find where you belong. For it all begins with a photograph and a very simple, song.

Danai Stratigopoulou