Mosquera. Who is she? How does she tame a man’s heart so much, that he drinks in sorrow over losing her? What must it feel like for a man to lose her? Afterall, she is quite beautiful. Graceful. Elegant. Enchanting. A striking beauty, nevertheless!

If Mosquera were a flower, what would she be? Would she look like the Ecuadorian plumerias? Their colors are vivacious and simmering, indeed. Yet, why are women not truly embodying the way of the flowers? Are they not enchanting enough, intriguing, and vibrant to model? Have women imitated the outside of flowers, without a care for the interior? Vanity clear has become such a loose end for so many women. Furthermore, they have moved in a way, where beauty is not used for healing, in the way that flowers should be. No. Beauty has become a travel for heartache, as a man cries and yearns for her, more.

No. A woman’s beauty should be akin to a flower. In that way a man does not have to cry, anymore. Soothing. Nurturing. Life-saving. Elegant. Enchanting. That’s the way of a flower, where loving doesn’t have to hurt, anymore.

Ernesto Alban