Do you compliment your colleagues for doing good work? If so, how often? And if you’re on a team, do you acknowledge and celebrate each others’ efforts? 

We spend the majority of our time at work, but most of the time we treat each other like strangers. Taking into account all the conversations we have in the course of a workday, there are certain undeniable phrases that–if we use them more often with our colleagues–will result in an increase of trust.

Below are 9 phrases you can say more often to build bridges with your coworkers, if your ego doesn’t get in the way.

1. “I have to take the blame for that one.”

 In toxic workplaces, blame grenades are tossed in every direction. In cultures of accountability, admitting to making mistakes has been found to actually increase trust.

2. “I loved the way you handled that customer complaint.” 

By praising people for certain behavioral traits, you reinforce the cultural norms that make the company a great place to work.

3. “I need your advice on what to do in this situation.”

There’s this false notion that people who ask for advice are perceived as less competent. To the contrary, research has linked people who ask for advice to being perceived as more competent.

4. “I trust your judgment.” 

Trust is a two-way street. When you extend it to your team members, they’ll be more inclined to return the favor and trust you back.

5. “I couldn’t have pulled this off without your help.”

This is another great way of saying thank you to someone for going above and beyond, especially if it made you look good. Saying it publicly in front of peers is especially gratifying–it puts the other person on the pedestal he or she deserves.

6. “What can I do to help?”

This phrase is especially helpful during stressful times, like deadlines or any challenging scenario. It demonstrates action by genuinely having the backs of fellow co-workers.

7. “Your time invested in this project is vitally important.”

Letting your colleagues or subordinates know that you value their time is key to communicate that you understand the importance of their efforts.

8. “I understand your concerns. Let’s walk through this together and come up with a better plan.”

Empathy is always a winner in terms of fostering good collaboration. By valuing another person’s feelings, you can problem-solve better and build trust faster on the way to a solution.

9. “It’s so refreshing getting to work with you.”

Verbal praise is a lost art not commonly heard in transactional business settings. But it has been found to be a powerful motivator to foster loyalty and boost commitment to the job or team.

Originally Published on Inc.

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